Epileptic 9 YO surprised the world when she played the piano throughout the surgery.


Birla Institute of Medical Research (BIMR) Hospital had a wonder kid in their operation theatre on 13th December 2020. While a team of doctors decided to fight with the growing tumour in the head of a nine-year-old girl, they knew very well that the case is complicated compared to the rest of the cases they have dealt with before. However, for the process to be effective and efficient, patient's cooperation and will power also play a major role. And this 9-year-old Gwalior girl is beyond their expectations. She became tougher than the tumour in her brain. Say Hi to Sowmya who underwent a brain surgery in full conscious state on 13th December, 2020. Look at how she kept herself occupied throughout the life-threatening process.

Her Favourite Activity:

To remove tumor from the brain is not an easy task. Moreover when the case is complicated that too if it's a 9-year-old, then doctors should gear up with all the strength and conditioning. Sowmya had a tumor in her brain which gave her epileptic seizures that even a handful of medicines couldn't control. For the past two years, as per the information given by the doctors, the size of the tumor kept increasing. The recent CT scan showed the tumor growing four times bigger as compared to that taken in 2019. During the process of her treatment, doctors could make out that it's going to be complicated to the girl as well. Doctors told her parents that during the surgery, there is a possibility of other brain nerves getting damaged and so suggested the "Awake Craniotomy" method.

The doctors were confident about their action plan and waned the same from the girl as well. Only if the little girl stays strong, this task can be successfully accomplished. So, they asked the girl what she enjoys the most. And there you go! The operation theatre turned into a theatre of art with piano in Sowmya's hands. The girl kept playing the piano all through her surgery. Local anaesthesia was given at the place where the surgery was being performed. The surgeon who perfomed the operation said that the child could have slipped into paralysis but she kept herself engaged and occupied all through by remaing willfully conscious.

The girl kept on playing the musical instrument for 6 hours continuosly.

I had a tumor in my brain but not now, says Soumya.

This story is to tell you that nothing in this world can pull you down if you have the courage. When you feel that you are cursed with too many physical ailments, read Sowmya's experience and the way she went through the long, complicated surgery. If not her will power and strength, she wouldn't have made it happen. 

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