By  aalia chondamma

I was just a child when I saw the blade

Glinting in the darkness, enchanting me,

Calling me by my name

Calling out to me to see.


In my teenage years, I’d run my fingers

Along it’s beautiful steel,

Entranced and in raptures

Within the visions it showed me.


In youth, the skies darkened

As I lifted my chin to face them all

Still unsure about my dreams.

By  manjula banerjee


Mom, you are a gem of a person who always desires to fly high,

You bourne to raise a child, nurture a family always with a smile.

When the sky is the limit, you must shine every minute,

You are the woman of her words who never lie,

Don’t you think you also deserve to fly high?


Your work is never done!

You are the woman among women, always with a high bun.

By  manjula banerjee

'AUM' portrays everything…

From the beginning! right up until the end!

It gets more prominent when you realize the word 'AUM' yourself,

In your past, present & destiny 'AUM' aligned with healing intents.


'AUM,' an amalgamation of all the sounds…

That Mother Nature has to offer.

Like a treasure trove,

By  sanya kanwar

Let’s hear a tale which is both congenial and bitter, 

My Grandmother said,” About a person who was both a miscreant and a victor”,

Nonetheless, he was definitely a fighter,

Let’s hear a tale about a man with chains around his neck


“I will serve my nation till my last breath”, he had once said looking in the mirror,

By  anita britto

I stand today calm and strong at this very spot
Where my mother stood years ago – worried and distraught
Driving after curfew hours – and at breakneck speed
Stopped by soldiers on the way who saw her infant bleed

By  aalia chondamma

The mind of a teen


These are crucial years they say

One that is tough but good for me anyway

My night-light’s flickering

And I’m buried deep beneath

Assignments and details 

No-one seems to see, or hear 

But only if they looked down and heard

My cries, of longing and pain….


Oh, I wish to run free

Sit with my friends by the beach

Gather round a campfire

By  aalia chondamma

Demons and Crowns


Do you know what it’s like

To have monsters in your head,

Whispering with each step of yours,

“Are you sure you’re right?”


Do you know that feeling

Of just having to succeed

Of having no option to fail

When you just cannot break through the glass ceiling?


Do you even know what it is

To have the demons in the back of your head