When will I be able to say that I made it?

Can I already say it?

Cause I’m happy with who I am, 

I’m happy with the way I am

At least that’s what I think, that’s what I tell myself 

It should be true, since I’m the one in the mirror as well.


On late nights, when I’m all alone,

I know the secrets of the world,

On late nights, when I’m all alone

I can ponder over my words.

And when the stars come out it feels like I’m so detached

From this world of vices and the race to reach the top brass

I keep wondering what it’s all about

If it’s really so worth it to reach the tippy top

If one push can send you down

Is it worth it at all? 


When can I say that I’m a success

Is it when I’m on the billboards and 

All over the city square?

When can I say I have it all

Is it only if I sit in a huge penthouse?

Cause of late I’ve been thinking

And it seems to me as if it’s all a game

Success isn’t luxury cars, success is satisfying your own heart

How bad does it have to be 

That we’re raising kids to be so materialistic

When all they want to do 

Is follow their instinct?

Success is not what you think it is

It’s glorious, it’s joyful, it’s the love we feel

Success is what happens when you follow your heart

Success isn’t the finish, it’s the start.


Snippets under Spotlight