View Gallery evolved to spread the Achievements of Indians by the Achievers themselves across the globe. Launched on 9/11/2016 by a team of entrepreneurs of LTS Solutions Pvt Ltd with all rights reserved along with a Registered domain.

The team of Dominique Rousseau, Barbara Rousseau (Paris, France), Joyan Fernandes and Marianne D’souza truly felt the need to build a community of Indian Achievers to propagate and encourage the truly deserving Achievers from all walks of life like Science, Literature Entertainment, etc., under one roof.

Our Mission: Flash Achievements.

Our Vision: Every Indian Achiever to be ON BOARD.

Achievements in Education are seldom noticed. Book Of Achievers is the perfect SITE to exhibit...

― Dr. Neeta Kapai.

Director IGNOU University, Delhi.

Every Achievement is Extraordinary and must be Appreciated and Treasured.

― Reeth Abraham.

Arjuna Awardee.

It's Time to cheer, Encourage and Motivate the Achievers.

― Dr Lakshmeesha.

SAI Athletics Coach