Peaceful Interludes


Peace is an interlude.
Peace is a myth.
Peace is a math. 
It is an intermission.
Either for cleaning your bores from previous wars
Or for oiling the guns for next war.
Peace is to collect the empty shells to explore possibilities to up the business.
War is not difference of opinion.
War is commerce.
Soldiers are spent firepower.
Their life is effervescent - as short as the smoke that emanates from the tank.
Medals are scattered around; like bullets from an AMG.
Cenotaphs erected and eyes washed. 
War is not just the firewood 
War is the fuel sprinkled once in a while 
War is just an excuse.
Peace is absence of wars.
Too much shortlived.
That's why the blessing
"May peace be upon you"


Snippets under Spotlight