Starry Night.

Starry night,

I fade under the sky

Will they even remember?

I pushed them away, farther,

Left alone in the winters,

Nobody to reach out and hold my hand

I won’t lie, strangely, I felt fine,

The solitude so quiet,

I hadn’t known peace in a while,

Nobody to penalise me for my mistakes

Nobody to rein me in and control my days

It was freedom I craved,

And under the night sky,

It presented itself with grace.


A little cottage near a misty hill,

Where I choose to live,

The wind and the woods standing still.

There are rivers and falls murmuring quietly

And they ask me why I punish myself.

“I don’t know.” I reply,

“Society teaches me that I must be perfect,

Learn all without being taught,

Be pure and elegant and free of flaws

And anything other was a disgrace

A crime not worth showing face.”


The trees laughed a little,

And the mist gave me an embrace

“I’m tired” I told her,

“Of walking on eggshells

And trying to be perfect,

I don’t want to hear why I’m a disappointment,

Or that I’m doing great.

All I want is for someone to listen

Without judging

And freedom, to open my arms and run wild and free.”


“Well, you are one of us here.” The wind said,

Lovingly ruffling my hair

And as the wind blew

And the stars shone,

I knew that though lonely, I wasn’t so alone.


Snippets under Spotlight