How can you say you’re not proud of India today?
How can you call yourself an Indian without a tinge of pride?
We’ve taken to the skies today, risen like a phoenix,
Took the failure of the past in our stride.


Imagine, the possibilities! 
Going where nobody’s gone before
The discovery, the sheer immensity!
Pointing at the sky, hear our roar!


Where once they laughed
Where once we pedalled on that Bicycle
Here we stand, among the stars,
Legends looking from above, 
The world taking note.


From Aryabhatta to the Chandra
The poet to the human of science
Today, both shall feel the glow of the moon
Both shall point at the sky, 
Hold their hand over their heart
Declare with pride that 
Their country is the first, the pioneer, the Vishwaguru
While their eyes glimmer like the stars!



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