An ardent fan of Ardern

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Jacinda Kate Lauren Ardern – I know this to be true

You’ve won the hearts of millions – And the world looks up to you

With courage and compassion you’ve faced each obstacle

You handled every crisis with composure and strong will


An ardent fan of Ardern – I’m sure you will agree

She’s confronted every challenge with infinite empathy

In the darkest days our nation faced when Christchurch was attacked

She rose like Winston Churchill and condemned the heinous act


Enforcing gun law reforms our PM didn’t waste time

She took decisive action and came down tough on crime

With kindness and inclusion she addressed the Nations grief

“Humanity, That’s all.” -  she said - her unyielding  belief


She responded saying “They are us” of the wounded and the dead

Authentic, warm and genuine -  is how Jacinda lead

In a World that’s sadly lacking in leadership that’s sane

Our lady in the beehive is caring and humane


In our handling of Corona – New Zealand got it right

With Dr Bloomfield’s expertise and her profound insight

Exuding confidence and calm with her lockdown plan

Consistent and clear messaging with her travel ban


When White island erupted on a fatal scale

Our champ in crisis management once more did not fail

Climate change, child poverty are upmost on her mind

Embracing her 5 million – leaving none behind


She’s graceful, tough and fearless - we know she’s got our back

The power to unite us - is what she doesn’t lack

Jason Walls was humbled when she asked about his sleep

Kindness prospers in the land of 30 million sheep


She chauffeured Stephen Colbert from the airport to her home

Multi tasking’s easy  – with an X-X chromosome

Not pretentious, down to earth – she even sang along

So ”let’s keep moving” – rhapsodize and sing Jacinda’s song


Aotearoa – Land of the long white cloud

Our shepherdess has sheltered us – she’s really done us proud

Resilience  and endurance – in God’s own reigns supreme

Where men of every creed and race can live the Kiwi dream


In solidarity we stand – Land of the Silver Fern

For we have an awesome leader in incredible Ardern

I walk my talk with stats and not Jacindamania

For she’s demonstrated mana and you’ve seen her aroha


In the land of Hillary – the land of Rutherford

Being Kiwi means we know we do not kill the mockingbird

A charismatic leader – I love her – I’m “arderned”

5 million votes are on their way – deserved and truly earned

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