They were taunted by the society but still made it to the news in the right way. 3 daughters cleared RAS.

kamla, geeta anmamta

Single parents are often asked about their partners. The world wants to know what happened to their partner, whether they have left the family or dead and are more concerned to know the story of their gone partner rather than the partner who is there, right there. The one who is left alone knows the pain they have to endure and the hardships they have to go through, especially when they have children. Their children's future is what they see rather than their personal preferences and that's how single parents become strong parents. On the other hand, kids of single parents grow up looking at their parent's lone struggle in this competitive, racing world. They grow witnessing the strength of their parent and thus children brought up by strong single parents become stronger. At least, as per my observation, I have seen it that way. Here is the story of a widowed mother whose three daughters have cleared the Administrative services exam in spite of the hardships the family encountered. 

Kamla, Geeta and Mamta were born into a family in Rajasthan that had no basic amenities required for the basic survival. Leave behind luxuries, the girls have never experienced the goodness of basics either. On top of that, the passing away of their father got the complete responsibility of the family on their mother's shoulders who toiled day and night in the fields to provide them meals.

As days passed and years leapt, the mother continued to work really hard to bring food to the family of six - five daughters and herself. The society, above all, is not happy about what the family is doing! With five daughters, how can the mother not think of getting them married even after they have reached the age? While two daughters Prem and Manju got married earlier, the other three didn't want to get married as they wanted to pursue higher education. This again offended the society badly. "On one hand, while the mother is sweating out badly to cater to the girls, these girls aren't helping their mother but are just studying!", "They don't want to get married and remain as a burden to their mother?", Comments like these poured in but the mother and daughters didn't care to bother. They continued to work.

With immense hard work and dedication, all three of them, Kamla, Geeta, Mamta cleared the Rajasthan Administrative Services exam in 2017. Kamla secured 32nd rank in the state, while Geeta ranked 64 and Mamta, 128. The victory of the girls was actually misinterpreted in various media sources who wrote that the girls cracked the IAS exam instead of RAS and that was later corrected. Whatever it is, it's not so easy on the part of a single mother to cater to a family of six while supporting her daughters' education when on one side the relatives and the society are pricking her and her daughters with words that are of no help.

Kudos to the mom and daughters. As they are aiming for bigger things in life, our team wishes them great success.

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