Tamil Boy from India silences the Judges by his Super Deep BASS voice at "The Voice UK" Show.

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Aid 32
Name colet selwyn 
State/Country UK
Institution Glasgow University, Stirlingshire, Scotland.
  1. Participant of The Voice UK Show.
Category Singing (Entertainment)

Who is Colet Selwyn.?

Colet Selwyn a Biomedical Engineering student at Glasgow University now lives in Larbert, Stirlingshire, Scotland. His parents are practising doctors in India. He is by no stretch of the imagination a “NERD” as people perceive.  This stream of engineering basically applies the principles and problem-solving techniques of engineering to medicine. The combo helps in designing implantable medical devices such as pacemakers, artificial limbs and much more. Undoubtedly, the course itself is intense and not easy.

Where did this Music streak come from?

It certainly is from the family. The family quartet “The Sunbeam” are regular gospel singers at the church. Mom, Dad, and Selwyn sing while the little sister accompanies them on the piano. The churchgoers always looked forward to this quartet singing. The deep Bass voice was something everyone admired in this boy. He was so inspired by George Younce when he was 9 and then started singing.

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The deep desire in him to train his voice ...

Not much time to spare during his studies, but was determined to find a trainer. He met up with Gene McDonald in 2010 at a school in Nashville called the Stamps Baxter School of Music. Gene never expected an Asian to have such a deep voice and was rather taken aback. At the same time was happy to hear a voice like this.

Debut on the BBC talent and then at the “The Voice UK”

When a 21-year-old,  thin and lanky with a formal suit walked to the stage,  everyone including the Judges wondered if Colet could actually sing.  The minute he opened his mouth, out came a super deep voice and shocked everyone.  Actually, if one listens to his voice;  it is impossible to connect this voice to his personality.  Performing “This Ole House”, at the blind audition of  “The Voice UK” was even more shocking.  He has been a part of  Gaither Vocal Band, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, and the Taylors.  He loves mimicking voices and sometimes sounds like Elvis and sometimes like Josh Turner and many others.

Indian Tour on the cards in 2017.

Surely,  many will want to watch and enjoy his show when he tours Bengaluru and Mysuru sometime this year (2017).  Selwyn is ecstatic and excited about his tour as he can club it with visiting his family.  He will be part of Toccata Music UK, a musical group that is raising funds to provide a hospital in Mysuru with medical equipment.   He will be singing with the great soloists from Belfast, a famous Bengaluru choir and one of the best Orchestras in Britain.  Playing for a cause is always more thrilling than from the commercial point of view and that too performing on home soil.

Bookofachievers.com and all Indians are proud of this boy and wish that he is successful at both being a Biomedical Engineer and a Singer.

Read more: https://www.coletselwyn.com

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