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Mangalore Dentist turned Artist: Dr.Varnodhar Pradeep Kumar is a living example of why one should follow their passion.

dr.varnodhar pradeep kumar

Pursuing your passion alongside a good-paying job is a task not many can master. Sometimes it’s either one of the two – you either sacrifice your passion for a secure job or you forget your need for financial security and take the high road, one that is unpredictable and risky.

Give Out or Give In

For Pradeep Kumar aka Varnodhar, it was either his passion for art or his dentistry profession which he had been a part of for over 16 years. He always liked his job. He never complained about the long hours and he enjoyed helping bring a smile on other’s faces. Amidst attending to different patients, he always found time to indulge in an artistic escapade but juggling the two side by side seemed rather difficult to achieve.

Dr.Varnodhar was an expertise in dentistry and worked at one of the most reputable hospitals in Mangalore. Ever since he was a kid, he leaned towards a more artistic lifestyle. But with time, this passion grew into his desire and before long he knew what he had to give up and what he had to pursue.

Leaving a secure job with a regular source of income was not an easy choice but who said life is easy? If you know where your priorities and loyalties lie, you have to do justice to yourself by being who you’re meant to be. Dr.Varnodhar was 37 with a family to support. But that didn’t stop him from taking the unconventional path and making the switch. He worked hard, day in and day out and a year later, when he finally had his work to show, he was accepted by everyone with open arms.

For Dr.Varnodhar, the primary motive was not making money off his paintings. All the man was doing was following his passions which is exactly why he found success in the field. His intentions were true and they reflected in what he did.

A True Artist Driven by his Passion

From the many things Dr.Varnodhar specializes in, some of them are live caricatures, digital caricatures, character design, logo design, book covers, charcoal paintings, posters and live-size caricatures. He can paint on walls and has also participated in live stage events.  

Dr.Varnodhar has contributed to the society in many ways. He indulges in social work and draws true satisfaction from it. Having visited the Kargil War Memorial once, he gifted some of his artworks to the soldiers there. He also regularly contributes to an NGO called ‘Make Someone Smile’ which works with orphaned kids. He has undertaken a lot of fundraising events and provided for HIV rehabilitation centers.

Follow Your Dreams

For Dr.Varnodhar, his passion outshined all. Despite all the initial drawbacks, he came through to become who he versioned himself to be. His advice to anyone would be to follow their dreams no matter how far the horizon may seem, in the end, what will matter is the pride and satisfaction you draw from your own work. One must never feel like they’re facing a dead end. They must never feel bored or dread their job. As long as that is that, you’ll know you’ve lived a fulfilling life.

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