Naga beauty declared Deputy Advisor to the US Presidential Advisory Board for entire Asia.

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Among those beautiful ladies, who draw courage from distress, grins during trouble, and become more grounded with faith and optimism, is none other than Jessica Snock, the first woman to represent India at the 'Mrs. United Nations World 2019’ during a ceremony held at Lovely technical institute, Jalandhar. The contest, which took place from 1st to the 9th of November, 2019 at Jalandhar in Punjab, has seen a plethora of beautiful ladies aspiring to earn the prestigious title. At that esteemed occasion, Jessica manages to secure the ‘Mrs. Photogenic United Nations’ caption. A daughter of Nagaland state as a beauty pageant winner has been officially appointed as the deputy advisor of the US Presidential Advisory Board for entire Asia progressing the Presidential elections in the nation. In another quill to her crown, the Naga magnificence is likewise highlighted on the cover page of 'Lifestyle' magazine.

Jessica Snock Ak highlighted on the cover page of 'Lifestyle' magazine

The 33-year old, Jessica Snock raised at Reguri town in Nagaland's Phek region, was also elected by Profesor Dr Philip Jadhav of the US Presidential Advisory Board under the flag of the Republican National Committee as the Ambassador of the peacekeeping operation for Southern East Asia. It will be interesting to mention here that Jessica married a Manipuri Indian Army physician, alongside a mother of a six-year-old son.

Jessica Snock Family

Her winning secret and inspiration….

She expressed her biggest strength is her spouse, "My husband is all! He realized I needed an individuality. " Jessica's husband motivated her at every step, so he never halted Jessica from seeking her fantasies. Claiming further females are always viewed as "tangential" and "strangers," whenever a man has married a woman outside his community or tribe, she disclosed that, in this respect, her spouse never halted her in speaking to her state. Jessica is consistently thankful for her better half, who always upheld her in supporting Nagaland.

From her childhood, she has glanced at several global leaders for various reasons. Yet, it has consistently been Mahatma Gandhi, who has been her most prominent wellspring of motivation all through because he encapsulated harmony and peacefulness, which she holds near her heart.

Emphasizes women’s power…

Although she heads out to take over the new position's duties, she strikingly expressed that she is fully prepared for expectations, realizing the obligations that would've been imposed on her if she had cracked it. She later shared how well the contest offered equal rights both to males and females, regardless of race, to affect the community significantly.

Jessica disclosed that she welcomed the competition by fellow females who've already given their contributions to humanity through the forum that influenced her.  "I contemplate the external look," she said when asked her sentiment on excellence guidelines. "It originates from the heart," Jessica added, emphasizing that it always matters whenever individuals generate optimism. Bringing her voice to the Naga ladies, she concluded, "We, as Naga young ladies, ought to be optimistic and have to come out from the mindset that beauty contests are just for the youthful and the glamorous. We need to acknowledge how commendable we are. We are unique and fortunate.”

Beauty for a purpose and a balanced life!!

"Nothing is straightforward. It's complicated, "Jessica expresses the way she had to manage her glitz and glamour with her family responsibilities. She embraced it as God's request, and he gave Jessica the power to work herself properly. "Jessica remembered how she had been prepped by the pomp and ceremony to tackle her duties. She also proclaimed the way her six-year-old younger son urged her to win the title.

Beauty for a purpose and a balanced life- Mrs. United Nations World 2019

“A perfect combo of beauty and the brain”

Discussing how she began the journey of social service, Jessica unassumingly stated, "I didn't understand I was doing noble cause since it emerged from my heart." She recounted how she bundled the Military ration packs given to her in small packets and allocated them to the poor and starving ones when her family migrated to Rajasthan.

Whenever she's participating in humanitarian activities such as clinic tours, old-age home health care, planting projects, and many others, Jessica's emotional interpretation is that attending homeless shelters brings herself "fulfilment." She lost her parents at a younger age, so spending quality time with the orphaned children helps her to feel that she is acting naturally."

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Jessica proceeded to state; she doesn't have the foggiest idea of offering back to society, particularly to the poor, and as she has just begun it, she feels that these are things she ought to do as there is a reason behind it.

Her next step!!

Talking about her future ambitions, Jessica further informs that she is satisfied with what she has accomplished, although she was approached to perform on broader stages. She intensely asserted, "This stage is sufficient for me to do what I like to. I wish to utilize this stage genuinely and satisfy all obligations deliberately through this stage." She would also travel to South Africa, Russia, and Jamaica for social purposes.

So, Jessica aims to become an altruistic and full-time social worker and to collaborate with beneficent organizations all over the globe across the world for helpful assistance.

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