The Michigan girl crowned Miss India USA 2021. It's a Pageant for Indians across the USA.

vaidehi dongre

Young women of Indian origin who reside in the United States get an opportunity to represent the United States at the Miss India Worldwide pageant after they win the Miss India USA pageant. This pageant was started in 1980 by the India Festival Committee that was headed by Dharmatma Saran. It all started with the annual "India Festival" held in Central Park, New York in 1974. A "Fashion Show" was included as an integral part of this festival. This Fashion Show gained popularity by 1979 and from there, started the Miss India USA Pageant in 1980. While major organizations conduct beauty pageants in various states, the winners are sent to New York to participate in the Miss India USA pageant. This beauty pageant came to be known as "the most glamorous Indian function in the country.” Most of the past winners made their way to the Indian and American movies, into the television and into the world of modelling. Unmarried girls aged between 18 and 30, living in the USA are the contestants of the pageant who participate in four segments such as Evening Gown, Indian Dress, Talent, and Question and Answer. The winner of this pageant represents the United States in the Miss India Worldwide Pageant which is the only international Indian pageant. The India Festival Committee also encourages its participants and winners to shoulder charitable tasks and thus stands as a unique value-based event adding to the word "glamorous". 
In 2021, this longest-running Indian pageant outside India has crowned the new Miss India USA. The pageant was organized in New York with Diana Hayden, Miss World 1997 as the chief guest. Sixty-one contestants from 30 states across the USA had participated in three different pageants which are Miss India USA, Mrs India USA and Miss Teen India USA. Out of them, there was a vibrant young lady of twenty-five years, Ms Vaidehi Dongre from Michigan. Vaidehi graduated from the University of Michigan with her major in International Studies. She is currently working as a business development manager in a major corporation.

While Arshi Lalani from Georgia stood as the first runner up and Mira Kasari from North Carolina became the second runner-up, Vaidehi adorned the crown of Miss India USA 2021. Vaidehi gave her best performance in the Talent round by gracefully presenting the Indian Classical dance form, Kathak and bagged the "Miss Talented" award. 

Arshi Lalani from Georgia stood as the first runner up and Mira Kasari from North Carolina became the second runner-up, Vaidehi adorned the crown of Miss India USA 21

Those who stood as the winners in all three categories shall travel to Mumbai and take part in the worldwide pageant. Talking about how this win made her feel, Vaidehi said, "I want to leave a positive lasting impact on my community and focus on women's financial independence and literacy"
Beauty pageants are not just about beauty. They look into the overall personality of the participants. Their intelligence, level of understanding of the world and current issues, their attitude towards the burning issues and how they resolve to lend their hand in addressing them, their sense of purpose and presence of mind - everything that is beyond just being beautiful by the skin and face is into the beauty pageants. Winners of beauty pageants feel that their cause and sphere of work has received a platform to reach many people out there. We wish Vaidehi Dongre also becomes successful in accomplishing her desire in helping women become financially independent and secure.

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