Mangalore beauty walks away with the Miss Diva Crown to represent India at Miss Universe 2020

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Mangaluru’s Adline Castelino to represent India at Miss Universe 2020

Today's beauty contests are events of global importance. During these events, the cultural components of the countries and regions from which the ladies come are shown. However, what is really important about beauty pageants is the social work done by the contestants before, during and after the contest. This is the great responsibility that Miss Adline Castelino will have to fulfill, the representative of India in the next Miss Universe 2020 contest. There is certainly something extra-special about Mangaluru girls.

The pre-selection

The contest began three months before the final competition. The sponsors held preliminary events in 10 major cities in India, including Chandigarh, Calcutta, Indore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Lucknow, and Chennai. The pre-selected ladies participated in the preliminary competitions in the cities where the calls were made. The jurors then evaluated the performance of the candidates during the local sub-competitions and chose the ladies who scored the highest on the previously established scale.

National auditions for the competition began in November 2019 and were held in 10 cities, including Calcutta, Indore, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai and Delhi.The final stage of the auditions was held in Mumbai in December 2019, where the 20 finalists of the LIVA Miss Diva 2020 were chosen.

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The competition

The contest for the Miss Universe crown was very demanding and for the first time it was held under the sponsorship of "Liva Fluid Fashion".

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The presence of internationally renowned jurors raised the standards for the participants. This year, the Miss Universe 2000 jury consisted of Lara Dutta, representing the fashion industry, designers Nikhil Mehra and Gavin Miguel, and prestigious fashion experts Shivan and Narresh, as well as Miss Universe Sri Lanka 2006 Jacqueline Fernandes, Miss Supranational 2014 Asha Bhat and actors Anil Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur.

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The rehearsals and preparation of the contestants were carried out by the famous former Miss Universe Lara Dutta. Miss Dutta has extensive professional experience in the world of beauty, fashion and social work associated with beauty contests: "It has been a wonderful journey. All the girls are winners, however, there can only be one winner. It was difficult for the panelists to choose the winner among all these divas who were really talented and promising. The winner deserves it, and I would like to wish all the winners the best of luck, as they are on the verge of a bright future. I look forward to the prestigious Miss Universe contest and hope that we bring the crown home this year," said Miss Dutta.

Adline Castelino received her crown as Miss Vartika Singh representing India at the Miss Universe 2019 competition. The other winners of the night were Aavitri Choudhary who won the Miss Diva Supranational 2020 crown and will, therefore, represent India in the Miss Supranational contest. Miss Choudhary received the title from Shefali Sood who represented India in the 2019 Miss Supranational contest. The other prize winner was Neha Jaiswal from Pune who took second place in the Miss Diva Universe 2020. Ms Jaiswal received the crown from her predecessor Roshni Sheoran.

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More than beauty: Professionalism

The Miss Universe India contestants were selected for their talent, communication skills, performance on stage, academic background, performance on the catwalk, knowledge of current issues and especially based on their perception of the Miss Universe's performance in the social tasks that correspond to the crown.

The contestants are also evaluated for their beauty and elegance because they must perform as models during the many commercial and charitable activities in which they will participate during the year of their reign. Hundreds of major brands are competing for the contracts of the winners in both national and international events because the face of Miss India Universe will be the fashionable face during the year 2020.

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Adline Castilino, born in Kuwait City, is the daughter of Alphonsus Castelino and Meera Castelino of Udyavar. At the age of 15 her family moved to Mumbai where she as a model and collaborator of VSP, a foundation dedicated to the care of poor farmers by helping to improve their quality of life and prevent suicides caused by depression.

Miss Adline Catstelino is an optimistic, intuitive and expert in personal motivation. During her lectures on personal motivation, she focuses on three dimensions that every person should develop: self-leadership, courage, and love.

She believes that the greatest motivators are people who even in adversity due to illness or physical handicaps continue to struggle to achieve their goals. She considers beauty pageants to be a very important professional platform. For that reason, Miss Castelino found inspiration in personalities linked to beauty contests like Madhu Sapre, Gul Panang, and Priyanka.

This newly crowned 21 Yo Mangaluru beauty draws inspiration from the differently-abled and has a special place for them in her heart. Simply loves books, bikes, dance, travel, chocolates etc., Never complains but rather very positive and every challenge is a new learning for this beauty. A risk taker and daring in voicing her opinions that make a positive change in the society. 

She recommends to young people: "Your voice is important, it's good that you defend your rights and demand a better future, even if the world doesn't think much of you now. It's your time to make the change!"

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