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The 5 YO’s expressive jaw-dropping dance moves shocked the judges and the audience.

vaishnavi prajapati

Imagine a five year old gracefully delivering dance moves in front of a nation of audience! Lights, camera, make-up, huge dais, big heads of bollywood, heavy costumes, loud cheers and huge sets - nothing scares the little girl's feet and nothing shivers her spine. She gleefully moves her body to the rhythm without caring for the happenings around. The talk of this page is Vaishnavi Prajapati, the product of Sony TV's Super Dancer 2.

A Strong Guru's Smart Disciple:

Super Dancer Chapter 2 that was aired on Sony TV is an embodiment of extraordinary talents. The contestants are the little dance champions not beyond 14 years of age. Of them, there's a little milky, the youngest of all, the five year-old Vaishnavi Prajapati. Born in Panipat, Haryana in 2012, this little champ entered the season 2 of Super Dancer but got eliminated in a very less time. However, for her amazing talent, opportunity knocked her door the second time and she gave a Wildcard entry into the show. This Power Card entry contestant gave power-packed performances and reached the top 4, standing as the first runner-up in the finale. The surprising aspect about Vaishnavi is that she has learnt the dance moves from her guru who is physically handicapped. While her master showed her the dance moves with his hands, she managed to learn them with utmost dedication and gave magnificent performances on stage. How smart the child must have been to comprehend all those complicated moves that her guru does with hands!! It is no exaggeration if someone says that a strong-willed master has got a determined disciple. The duo set the stage of Super Dancer 2 on fire giving the opponents a tough fight.

vaishnavi prajapati and Her Guru Manan

Music Video - A Golden Chance:

The famous Indian Rapper Badshah whose stylized music videos set everyone's artistic chords to fire, remained jaw-dropped after viewing the scintillating performance of Vaishnavi. His search for an incredible dancer for his new music video came to an end when he came across this five year-old dancing sensation on the sets of Super Dancer 2. Vaishnavi's signature moves with her super guru Manan on the song 'DJ Wale Babu' dazzled Badshah and he offered her to grace his upcoming music video with her dance. I have been seeing Vaishnavi’s phenomenal acts. What impresses me is her swag and her style — she is ‘music video ready’ already.", Badshah commented. The little girl's happiness went beyond shores. The swag queen challenged Badshah on a lighter note, to try out her signature moves but he fails to.

The famous Indian Rapper Badshah Music Video - A Golden Chance to Vaishnavi

From Being Eliminated To Arising As A Finalist:

The little dancing diva who was eliminated within no time from the show, bounced back with double the vigor as a Power Card entry. She received the acclaim of the judges Shilpa Shetty, director Anurag Basu, and choreographer Geeta. In the grand finale, Vaishnavi presented a special spectacular performance in the presence of actor Varun Dhawan. The finale made audience the Judges by giving them the power to vote for their favourite contestant. In the live voting, Vaishnavi stood out as the first runner-up.

Chhota Packet Bada Dhamaka:

This Chhota Packet grabbed another pataka opportunityShe is chosen to play a key role in & TV's serial Meri Hanikarak Biwi. The top-rated serial has its main characters Akhilesh and Ira blessed with a baby girl. Vaishnavi Prajapati is chosen to play the role of their daughter. The crew is sure that their serial is going to stand out in the ratings with the added elegance of the little girl. The girl who greeted the nation from the dance floor and went on to entertain through a music video, is now all set to knock the domestic doors every day.

Vaishnavi  chosen to play a key role in & TV's serial Meri Hanikarak Biwi

A Long Road Ahead:

A dancer, a performer and an outstanding artist - this little girl has already displayed her creative caliber to the world. Not even 10 years old now, she has already set her name as a brand. Now it's our turn to wait and see this star spreading her glory in the air.

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