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19 YO Goan vocalist-lyricist was chosen by Sonu Nigam to sing, is now busy creating remixes on Covid to stay safe.

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The current COVID CRISIS discovered numerous musicians releasing virus-based albums. They attempt to shower messages within the crowd concerning social isolation and cleanliness via music, they additionally help to engage their watchers. Few other Goan youths however have launched COVID songs. Among them is a Goan-bred vocalist- lyricist, Febronia Fernandes, granting a Stay home! Remain safe! message through her COVID remix tune that has gone famous via social media Febronia Fernandes took a good peek at her Instagram page for her photos and latest tracks, including "Looking for someone," "Come Home," "Other Side" and "Table For 2." She is a vocalist with an engrossing voice with enticing compositions that grabbed the public eye, rendering her a performer to keep an eye out for.

Febronia Fernandes,19 years old, is a top-notch singer-songwriter born and raised in Goa presently situated in Mumbai. She moved to Mumbai a couple of years back for school and to seek music. Being a Goan, music became a major aspect of her life. She figured out how to play the violin and got the guitar and ukulele. She was chosen by Sonu Nigam to sing his global hit, 'Fire In The Sky' alongside him on 94.3 Radio One. She was likewise one among the five vocalists chosen from all across the world to perform at the #UnboxingArtists launched 'Numero Uno Jeans Wear' this season in Delhi. She likewise played at the Camp Tinder released at the Nh7 Weekender in Pune. She's played at different scenes in Goa, Mumbai, and Pune.

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Early Musical inspiration…..

Febronia's parents have always supported her to explore various styles of music, spanning Indie Acoustic, Punk, and Blues. She began to participate in school activities, concerts and started singing with some musicians in Goa. Subsequently, shifting to Mumbai, she played at the open mic nights and jams all across town. Her favoured type of music is R&B, blues, pop and that is around where her unique music discovers its underlying foundations.  She never had a sudden inclination towards the musical world that she wanted to be a vocalist. Rather, since childhood, it has been a major aspect in her life, and while growing up she realized it was something she needed to get into." She often followed a bunch of artists during their live concerts, thus she always dreams to encounter the same sensation of being on the floor performing her composition back-to-back within a crowd of fans.

A glimpse of her role models!!

The popular vocalist, Justin Bieber whom she followed her ideal. He was Febronia's music idol who also inspired her to pick up the guitar. His story has consistently motivated Febronia to buckle down towards accomplishing her aim. Yet, Amy Winehouse, Ed Sheeran, Rihanna are a portion of her top impacts.

Shedding light on hard work and determination…..

Until her age, all that she experiences is that no open door comes strolling to her all alone. Thus, she expressed, "Everybody needs to invest their amounts of energy out there.  An individual needs to showcase their performances in the crowd." When she was new to Mumbai, she propped up to open mics which encourages her a great deal with socializing and rising opportunities. She  said, "You never know who is present among the crowd."

‘A dream never comes to fruition by miracles; it requires dedication, commitment along with hard work.’

She further expressed, "Regardless of how great you are, it is essential to rehearse and practice. You need to take a shot at your capability. Practice assists with honing your strategy.” As a vocalist, she knows that voice practices and warm-ups have a significant effect.

Composed a COVID tune…..…

Febronia Fernandes, a mass communication understudy, and vocalist/music composer had a satire made which was the signature tune from the TV show 'Friends', “I tweaked the lyrics to fit perfectly to our quarantine situation and also making people aware of the fact that this lockdown is not a joke but something to be followed very strictly to be safe and so that none of us contracts the deadly virus.”

Since she is pursuing her degree in Mumbai college, the episode of COVID-19 was seen there before it was found in Goa. In transit back to her home, she understood that contrasted with Mumbai, local people didn't know about the spread and weren't paying attention to it. So she attempted to make the melody snappy and fun full as this signature tune is known by nearly everyone. The tune took Febronia an hour to compose the verses however rehearsing and after creation took her an entire day.

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Her golden words to upcoming singers……

‘She follows the golden rule ‘practise makes a man perfect’

Febronia advises, "Practice as much as could reasonably be expected and accept each open door you get to exhibit your passion. You need to propel yourself out of your usual range of familiarity and continue exploring new stuff."

At present Febronia Fernandes is still working hard to bring a new melodic composition that sings straight from the heart!

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