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Meet the Goan siblings whose music is serving as a panacea to the pandemic distress. Getting people out of the blooming boring blues.

belinda mendes and brandon mendes

Often we find siblings living under one roof but dwelling in completely different worlds. While one likes sport, the other is inclined towards reading. While one runs to the Classics library, the other embraces modernism. At least 95% of the cases are seen this way. It's very rare that we see siblings sharing common interests. Above all, their common interests do not often turn into a shared mission. Just imagine a brother and a sister sharing love for music. While one writes, the other composes, and at the end of the day, they wish to dedicate their work to achieve a common goal. Enchanting! Isn't it?

This enchantment was brought about by a sister and brother duo from Goa who developed a music series with three mesmerizing tracks in it to get this world out of the current distressing clouds.

A Fine Mess:

Pianos, guitars, electronic drums - when I mention these instruments, you might think of music that spreads everywhere around you, thumping your ears and banging the walls. Wait! It's not that! While the strings of the guitar soulfully touch the air around you, your eyes are involuntarily closed when the steps of the piano dance. And the electronic drums? They are there, right there just giving you the right amounts of what you need, keeping the whole track intact. Well. This is all about the music. While this music travels through the chords of your earphones and vibrates in your eardrums, what if your eyes simultaneously capture amazing picturesque? A red rose drenching in the morning rain, and other elements of nature making their appearance to please your heart - the second element of a comprehensive eternal bliss. Music and picturesque combined with 'WOW' words - a complete package of rejuvenation.

That complete package of rejuvenation is "A Fine Mess". By the way, "A Fine Mess" is an extended play record developed by Goa-based siblings, Belinda Mendes and her brother Brandon Mendes. It has three songs to its basket all of which is soulful, all-embracing, communicative, and above all contain indie elements. The music sets itself free from the shackles of structural and sonic constraints. After all, art has no limitations and rules. That's the prime reason this touches your last nerve. The first of the three tracks in the EP, "Symmetry of Chaos" comes with a fine tuning and placement of piano and strings, gifting you the perfect feel.

bio image Listen to the song - "Symmetry of Chaos"

You feel as if you are rowing a ferry in still waters on a moonlit night. The second track "Hurricanes as Humans" is a combination of everything said above along with a tinge of drum roars. This track especially stands out of the rest because of this very reason. It houses acoustic guitars in its musical hub and these are given a cherry topping with Belinda's soothing vocals.

 bio image Listen to the song - "Hurricanes as Humans"

This 15-minute ride starts on a calm note and leads you towards a thumping, noisy, yet entertaining land. Starting from giving you a sugar candy, it leaves you with firecrackers in hand on top of a mountain. And trust me, you will want it more. This transition is short-lived and you will be taken back to the soothing indie theme where your excited soul relaxes to sleep with a smile. The final one is a combo of piano and acoustic guitar again leaving you on the land of intense emotions. Right from the first second you tune up to this EP, you will find yourself dissolved into its beauty. Well-crafted lyrics coupled with orchestral magic gives you a fulfilling musical experience.

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Why Is "A Fine Mess" Required Now?

Amidst physical distancing rules, masks, respirators, and gloves, the world is unsurprisingly turning topsy-turvy. Out of the ashes, people need the smell of blooming flowers. This can be achieved through music. Music is peace-giver and through the right words at right time, it can deeply convey a meaningful message. That's what "A Fine Mess" is aimed at. Along with providing entertainment and solace amidst rising tensions, "A Fine Mess" also throws light on what all is needed during this pandemic. Merak - the brother, sister duo came up with this EP to relieve this world from the stress caused by quarantines and economic dips.

"Like everybody else, we were deeply concerned about this pandemic. We thought we could spread some awareness adding a little bit of cheer in doing what we do. We wrote about people’s problems, as well as some positive effects resulting from the world standing still.”, says Belinda. The duo has spent two days to put it together.

"It was spontaneously made. We wanted to write a song about self-quarantine, and that's exactly how it started. We like writing songs about things we think are a big deal for us. Our process is pretty simple, write down what we feel and jam till the melody goes with the idea.” , said Brandon.


Sharing the Same Environment and A Common Mission:

The sister-brother duo grew up in the same environment that echoed with music. Every weekend their parents played songs on full volume on the radio. This got them inclined towards music. They developed interest in jazz and metal. A psychology graduate, Brandon and a student of architecture, Belinda, shared the same love for bands like Porcupine Tree and Radiohead. Post Brandon's return from Dubai, the siblings started their musical journey.

"She would write a lot of lyrics and poetry before going to sleep at night, and I would compose music on my own. Then one day, she showed me some of her stuff and we made our first song together about two years ago, after which we kept doing it again and again.", said Brandon.

Having common interests and seeding them in a properly nourished soil to give the world the juicy fruits of love is what these siblings are doing. More love to them and more love to their soulful music. May this EP reach far and wide touching every heart that needs solace.

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