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An Artificial Intelligence Scholar's humble tribute to the Indian classical music. She is working on making Carnatic music accessible to children with special needs.


"Passion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings, beyond their failures" - Joseph Campbell. The way a few words stay permanently in our ears and hearts, a few incidents in our lives house themselves in our mind trying their best to affect our abilities and performance. What makes an individual stronger than such knee-bending situations is how they react to them and shoulder them.  Laxmipreethi  Janakiraman, a roar that drives all the clouds away is the icon of our today's story.

An Independent Woman's Adorable Daughter:

Whatever she is today, Laxmipreethi owes to her single mother, Sharadhamani who worked her sweat out to raise her two daughters giving them everything unasked. Dealing with a rough childhood, Laxmipreethi finished her schooling and proceeded to earn a degree in Computer science engineering in Chennai. After wedlock, she moved to the U.S.A, been an IT professional for about a decade and currently she is carrying out research in the field of Artificial Intelligence in Sydney.

An IT Professional's Musical Journey:

Laxmipreethi's mother and grandmother, both being really good at music, recognized her innate talent for singing. They had enrolled Laxmipreethi under a guru, Sri. Neyveli Santhanagopalan at a very young age and that's how her musical journey began. She learnt Veena for a few years and she discipled near eminent gurus like Smt. Akhila and Sri. Sreeram Parthasarathi, an Indian playback singer. Having got trained in Indian classical music for above 20 years, Laxmipreethi has not let her passion for music get diluted into her professional career. She took part in various musical events along with performing live on Channel 4 for a Diwali event. She participated in Jaya TV's  Ragamalika and a Raj TV's show, Raja Geedham. Every year, she participates in Cleveland Tyagaraja Aradhana along with her students. She was also awarded Michigan's Best Voice by singer Vijay Prakash.

Challenges Had Their Try Always:

Life has never been so easy for this ambitious girl. Having experienced a rough childhood, Laxmipreethi understood the importance of stones in the path. She learnt to clear the path herself to continue her journey. With a tiresome IT job on one side, she took music lessons on the other hand with an intention to spread the goodness of Indian Classical music across the globe. Her journey saw a huge roadblock when she learnt about her son's adverse medical condition. She pulled up courage to help him come out of his suffering. Even at this dark hour, she never gave up on her passion for music and continued to experiment with different ragas and Kritis gifting their richness to her students. She made a perfect blend of profession, passion, responsibility displaying a sense of reverence. The credit to this, she attributes to her gurus, grandmother, mother, her spouse Vijay and her super supportive in-laws.

Ever-Rising Aspirations:

Laxmipreethi's aim is to explore rare kritis. She wishes to experiment and learn more of the untouched and unexplored ragas and gift them to the world. Music doesn't confine to a specific region or language according to her. This is very well displayed in her continuous strife to sing soulful compositions. She is working on making Carnatic music accessible to children with special needs. Everyone deserves the fruits of art and as carnatic music is restricted to a particular group of people, she is working towards extending it for the benefit of people with special needs. Though she is in her baby steps, she is sure to make this happen in the near future.

Let Your Success Speak :

Laxmipreethi says that one should  clear the clouds and spread one's own grace. To the aspiring singers who, she says, are highly talented and smart, she advises to grab every opportunity in their way. Hard work coupled with zeal to make a difference is the secret of success. "Maintaining right balance between profession and passion is a way to fulfillment", she says. Let's wish this strong personality a fulfilling research career and numerous melodious years to come.

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