Roadworthy Wheelchair Electric Vehicle that can be personalised as per individual's need.

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NeoMotion is a Chennai based Start-up founded by Swostik Sourav Dash and Sujatha Srinivas.  

Swostik has a BTech in Mechanical Engineering and an MTech in Product Design from IIT Madras and Sujatha Srinivasan is the founder of the Rehabilitation Research and Device Development lab at  IIT Madras, who has been working in the assistive devices space for over 25 years. Know More About Sujatha Srinivas

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Swostik graduated in 2013 and started working on projects in and around IIT. While he worked, he majorly worked upon developing Assistive solutions to empower the Physically Disabled.

When he was doing so, he learnt about all the problems faced by them. The major issues faced by wheelchair users are that only a few of them can go outdoors and most of them need another person's help to use a wheelchair. They've been curbed because of their disability, but this needs to change. Just because they are physically challenged it doesn't mean they don’t have their own hobbies or career choices to take on in their life.  To find a solution for this NeoMotion was a joint venture of Swostik Dash and Sujatha Srinivasan. They developed a Personalized Wheelchair and a Battery-powered clip-on device that converts the Wheelchair into a Roadworthy Electric Vehicle.

This product development is been supported by the TTK Center for Rehabilitation Research and Device Development and Imprint India Program of the Government of India. They received seed funding from IITM Incubation Cell and Villgro. Government's support has been a very big helping hand for this Venture. To this day NeoMotion has 16 employees working in the Headquarters which is in Chennai, India.

NeoMotion has 16 employees working in the Headquarters which is in Chennai, India

The first Assistive Device of NeoMotion is NeoFly, The Customizable Wheelchair. NeoFly is a wheelchair that can be personalized to each individual’s requirements. From adjusting its height and width to the kind of wheels and even colour. NeoFly can be adjusted in 18 different ways to fit each person’s body and environment. This is a very important feature because each individuals environment differs and One kind of Wheelchair won't suit another. That's why this is a unique Device which will provide comfort in all levels.

The first Assistive Device of NeoMotion is NeoFly

Compared to regular wheelchairs, NeoFly covers three to five times more distance for every push owing to the right posture, rigid frame and ergonomic push-rim.  They have designed the wheelchair according to the Person's body measurement thus it makes the wheelchair compact. The regular wheelchairs are not as compact as Neofly. It's 30% smaller than a regular wheelchair, as a result of this compactness, accessibility is enhanced. The seats are fitted with NeoCushion which is their Trademark product, this cushion has curves and grooves according to the individual's legs which enhances Grip and Stability.

The most amazing thing is Every NeoFly wheelchair is Customised, as mentioned earlier, every individual's needs are different, keeping this in mind NeoMotion has come up with a customization plan. Firstly, the individual's measurements have to be taken with the help of a Tutorial Video. Then they have to answer a questionnaire, which consists of questions related to their environment, health, and medical condition. Finally, the NeoMotion Team sends the Visual Representation of the wheelchair along with the specifications, and then the order is finalized for the Customised NeoFly.

NeoFly Customised Wheelchairs

This product is a Great Success, after 3 years of research and development, this product was launched in November of 2019, 125 users have purchased NeoFly and are using it with great comfort.  

NeoMotion didn't stop with one product, their outward thinking has got them to develop NeoBolt for Wheelchair users. NeoBolt is another Feather on their Cap. This product will enable Physically challenged people to be Independent in their outdoor mobility. The only vehicles developed for them is Modified scooters and cars. But that doesn't give them complete independence. They would require help to get transferred from the wheelchair to the vehicle. NeoBolt is a Perfect solution to this problem.

NeoBolt will enable Physically challenged people to be Independent in their outdoor mobility

NeoBolt is a battery-powered clip-on device that converts NeoFly into a safe, roadworthy electric vehicle. In this, they need not get transferred from the wheelchair to the Vehicle. Because NeoBolt can be attached by the user's hands independently within seconds to the NeoFly.

Apart from that, the fitting also has two front wheels which are placed at an elevated angle to make it accessible on rough terrain. The device, powered by a lithium-ion battery, can go to a maximum speed of 25 km per hour and covers 30 km per charge. The battery can be charged on residential power and takes four hours for one full charge.

NeoBolt is a battery-powered clip-on device that converts NeoFly into a safe, roadworthy electric vehicle

When compared to modified cars and scooters price, NeoBolt is a very low-priced mode of outdoor mobility. It'll empower wheelchair users in all the ways.

The users of NeoBolt have given such Positive reviews after using NeoBolt “Although I have a modified car to help me move around the city, it is not convenient when I have to go to the grocery store at the end of my lane, or my parent’s home which is a few streets away. It would take me 15 minutes to get into the car and load my wheelchair. With NeoBolt, within a few minutes, I can just fix the device myself and carry on with work. The wheels are of high quality which helps me navigate on bad roads, and the two wheels in front help the wheelchair climb over uneven surfaces with ease. The device is not only customized according to your physical dimensions but also based on your medical conditions.”

This review itself shows how happy and satisfied Physically Challenged people are with the Independence NeoFly and NeoBolt together is giving them.  This is a Perfect Solution for the Problem.

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 bio image  Know More About Sujatha Srinivas

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