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Numerous urban areas in India are experiencing the worst water crisis of all time. The inadequate use of water is one of the significant reasons. The thing that attracted Goutam Surana to Eco365 was this. Due to his passion for spreading awareness on the need to preserve water, Surana quit his IT position. It encountered challenges, difficulties, and dismissals, just like other new businesses dealing with a specialization. It was assumed to be impossible, unreasonable, or not worth the effort. Despite this, the approach he created and its philosophy got him, clients, from various companies, such as Infosys to Accenture, Cipla to Unilever, MC Donald's to Way of Life, etc. ECO365 guarantees to save 70-80% of the water that you consume. Through a range of innovative manageable items, Eco365 assists corporations and individuals in understanding how to utilize water more responsibly. Eco365's contributions and assets range from easy to use and quick protection of non-natural assets to supporting and complementing corporate wellbeing and security measures," explains the 35-year-old Gautam Surana.

Childhood nature lover-

Goutam grew up in a small village of Assam, Goalpara, surrounded by nature all his life and fascinated by the earth. It seems to have had plenty of vegetation and water since located on the bank of Brahmaputra. Natural seemed more accessible to Goutam because of this.   As part of his job at an IT company near Hyderabad, Goutam was deeply concerned about how urbanization has led to an unstable lifestyle.  During those weeks, Goutam began studying and formulated the Eco365 concept," he recalls.

“An investigation leads Goutam to discover that Indians are so far left with sustainable water options to enhance water-conserving and evaluating a big economic potential”.

An eco-friendly "ECO 365" also includes compostable trash containers, waterless urinals, no PCDB fresheners, as well as eco-friendly gifts.

'ECO 365' spreading green habits

Water conservation is a crucial objective of Eco365. Founded in Bengaluru in 2010, Eco 365 strives to provide dependable and sustainably sourced climate solutions. Water installation costs range from Rs 80 to Rs 400 for Eco365. This group promises to offer plans that will inspire more straightforward and autonomous living. We can conserve both water and energy by this effort, therefore minimizing environmental destruction and improving wellbeing. Soon, arrangements will continue involving customer input. A unique structure has been designed for many in this way that is both perfect and necessary. As of now, they have served over 2k clients, completed over 4k projects, and conserved over 3500cr litres of water.

According to Gautam, the lack of understanding about conserving water is a significant problem since people are less inclined to conserve water. The low cost or free nature of water at many institutions discourages people from using it efficiently. In contrast with Western nations, there are no water efficiency mandates, standards, or regulations," he added. The simple act of changing how you behave and introducing water-saving devices in the bathroom can help you save water. The Aquamax shower saves water by allowing six to eight litres per minute. Ordinary showers stream at 15–20 litres each moment. The Green Toilet Bank, additionally called Tank Bank, permits one to set aside three litres of water on each flush with no penance on execution.

Goutam and his team use several techniques to spread awareness, including hosting community events, working with property managers, showcasing at exhibitions, promoting via social media, creating viral video content, partnering with similar gatherings, and sponsoring blogs and sites. In addition to arranging water shortage workshops at networks, corporations, and schools, they also conduct seminars on water conservation. Goutam spends most of his energy spreading awareness on water conservation. We're working together with increasingly more local groups to show people greener living techniques.

The Ballpark figure

The efforts of Eco365 are estimated to save 40 crore litres of water every day across the nation. Change is a significant factor for all of us. "We believe forbearance. We need to allow society to assimilate the thing". Along these lines, Goutam gradually and consistently makes strides towards saving 50 million gallons of water by 2030. Over 2,000 projects have been completed by him through ECO 365, saving more than 100 crore litres of water. They do serve office buildings, plants, lofts, and private residences. We have customers abroad as well," as mentioned by Goutam. The ECO 365 founder once replied, "The goal is to teach and spread information not only to urban but also to rural India". Goutam accepts that they have affected 1% of the general population. Eventually, they will benefit 100%. Using this green endeavour has saved 3,500 crore litres of water today. 

The efforts of Eco365 are estimated to save 40 crore litres of water every day across the nation

Despite this, studies claim that 40% of Indians will not drink water by 2030 as the groundwater level drains at a phenomenal rate. Moreover, that is not a good sign. So, let's join hands with this green drive and contribute towards saving water and protecting the environment. Rather than relying on extravagant items for high returns, it is time for eco-friendly and green products to dominate our lives. Let us try to change our way of life 365 degrees and pick eco-friendly items.

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Save Water -Eco365 amplifying Go Green habits and has conserved 100 crore gallons of water so far

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