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Urban City dwellers have already been smitten with the idea of turning the concrete walls of their homes into lush green pastures. Still, most are unaware that they can transform their gardens and verandas into mini-green forests that provide better and healthier fruits and vegetables. People in metropolitan areas often avoid rooftop cultivation for personal reasons despite having relatively large roofs or open fields.

At the same time, Saileela Darsha has transformed her patio into a small agricultural field, showing others how it's done. Amidst the hectic pace of everyday life, this 47-year-old woman, born in Mahbubnagar and living in Hyderabad for 30 years, dedicates herself entirely to raising a wide array of vegetables on a porch with a length of 250 yards. Incredibly, Sai Leela cultivates around 200 varieties of vegetables on her terrace and 50 different kinds of natural products. Her relatives and friends both enjoy eating these fresh vegetables, which taste delicious and are pesticide-free. According to Sai Leela, she has been growing vegetables on her rooftop with the help of her two daughters for the past five years. "I mean to develop a wide range of vegetables accessible on the planet at my place," added esthetically Sai Leela. The terrace garden of this woman features 200 kinds of vegetables, including 26 kinds of tomatoes, 11 kinds of brinjals, 14 kinds of gourds, four kinds of snake gourds, beans, carrots, green chillies, and a variety of other greens. In addition to apples, sapotas, grapes, guavas, mythical serpent natural products, and watermelons, there is also a rundown of other natural products listed here. Among the vegetables in her garden are unusual plants such as Glass Gem Corn.In addition to this, Saileela also gets seeds from Kerala, known for its vast selection of vegetables, through her friends' Circle.

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Sai Leela was diagnosed with thyroid disease two years after moving to Hyderabad from Ulpara town in Telangana. In addition, specialists told her that consuming vegetables dense with pesticides could play a part in her health problems. Sai Leela admitted that she was taken aback by this. She said, “We eat vegetables that are hazardous not only a child but have the potential to harm people of all ages too”. Therefore Sai Leela decided that all else being equal, I would try to grow them at home. She began her journey with cultivating green veggies in 2013, watching YouTube videos, reading periodicals, and attending numerous veranda gardening workshops and workshops.

Poison-free way of living under 'Saileela Vlogs' –

Sai Leela regularly manages her garden for about 60 minutes, both in the morning and evening, regardless of her busy schedule. In her garden, Sai Leela grows veggies without introducing synthetic fertilizers and thus uses only cow compost and kitchen waste as fertilizer. The channel named 'Saileela Vlogs', where she posts videos about her porch cultivating techniques was made by the farmer to spread awareness of the advantages of porch cultivation. A hit on YouTube, the channel has drawn in 1.20 lakh subscribers. When asked about her channel, Sai Leela says she needs to help viewers relive their youth by providing them with the taste of natural vegetables they've forgotten. She added further, "I feel energized following reading comments. I hope many viewers also get motivated and start to garden their porches after seeing my work."

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In her long-term cultivation, Sai Leela creates many native, unusual, and long-lasting varieties of vegetables. In addition to donating seeds, she encourages others to cultivate natural foods following the instructions mentioned on her blog. According to her, the terraced garden on her rooftop of 2,000 square feet is also divided into sections. Green net covers the primary half of the area, while the remaining 1,000 sq ft is an open terrace area with direct sunlight. Sai Leela shared her advice, “The location of a plant depends on its needs”. Adding further in her words to the phenomena of metropolitan cultivating wherein the essential hypothesis in natural growing portrays, "the nature knows best." In natural landscaping, one begins from the ground up by taking care of the source and not the plants to expand the richness in their yard. Natural grounds-keepers use natural methods that are more appropriate to the weather to maintain the soil without using destructive synthetic pesticides that endanger people's health.

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For new participants in natural planting, Sai Leela recommends utilizing a blend of 30% coco peat, 30% cow fertilizer, and 40% soil. According to her, plants should be given sufficient sunlight as well as regularly splashed with Organic pesticides. Darsha formulated a plan for settling on a better decision and adopting a poison-free lifestyle through natural cultivating. According to her, "as far as natural development is concerned, folks are advised to proceed towards a cleaner, more earth-friendly approach."

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