At 6, Youngest Yoga Teacher in the World

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shruthi pandey

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Nobody in their wildest dreams can imagine a child doing yoga when she was 2 years old, Shruti Pandey shocked everyone when she did a few Asanas when her parents had brought her to Guruji Hari Chetan’s Yoga classes. Guruji immediately started training this young kid at 4 and found her to be learning really fast and each Asana was done perfectly and with ease.

By 6 Shruthi was a Yoga Teacher.

After a couple of years of training, she started her 5.30 a.m.batch to teach Yoga to young and old at Brahman and Saraswati Dham. The 30 odd pupils were from all walks of life including businessmen & housewives. She said she felt highly respected when adults were following her instructions. She has mastered some of the most difficult positions in Yoga.


She is on the Limca Book of Records and she has set a World Record in 2011. Seems like techniques come to her naturally.

Wants every child to learn Yoga.

She is keen on spreading the benefits of Yoga and encourages many to start young. Children are quick-learners and Yoga should be made compulsory in every school she feels. Now that Yoga International Day (21st June) has been introduced, she hopes many will start. hopes this age-old tradition will revive.

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