Bengaluru's Photo-jounalist made it to the special exhibition at the UN HQ in New York. Every Pic says more than a thousand words.

jyothy karat

Jyothy Karat is an extraordinary journalist from Bangalore who dedicates her life to telling stories about what is happening in the world through photojournalism.

The profession of journalists is the ethical and moral conscience of the people. Journalists spread the reality and dream of societies, giving voice to those who do not have it and bringing people closer to realities they could never know otherwise.

The beginnings of a photojournalist

Ms. Karat's talent was evident from her first steps as a professional. At the age of 22, she participated in the Angkor Photography Festival and was selected for an Emerging Photographers in Asia workshop in 2009 on the road to the development of one of the world's leading documentary filmmakers.

Later Ms. Karat won a scholarship from World Press Photo and Konrad Adenauer. The scholarship financed multimedia journalism studies in the Philippines, training her as an expert in multimedia journalism which opened the doors of journalism to the world.

Researcher, writer and documentary filmmaker

As a writer and photographer, Ms. Karat has the sensitivity to capture transcendent moments and processes that are imperceptible to the untrained eye. She grew up in the Nilgiris and was terribly shocked to see the degradation of the southern Indian mountain range. This experience led Ms. Karat to make documentaries where she tells concerning the environment and the sustainability of the planet. All of Ms. Karat's stories have a high environmental content: "The projects closest to home keep me awake at night, whether they are stories about the Nilgiris or the elephants of Kerala. In environments rich in propaganda, it is difficult to see clearly and derive truth from them. It takes time, research, funding, and an immense amount of Will" she said.

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She is a tireless explorer and mountaineer who travels around India capturing realities difficult to tell without graphic testimony. Ms. Karat is considered a pioneer in Kerala, as a female photojournalist. In her early days, she had to face how difficult it is for women to make their way in the field of photojournalism, but with tenacity, she achieved a place as a field photojournalist who takes pictures in adverse or very complex situations, where the reaction and perception of the photographer is the key.

Emotion and professionalism

Ms. Karat is known in the media for the quality of her productions and her ability to adapt to the challenges that each location requires. Among her many accomplishments are skydiving from a helicopter at 15,000 feet in New Zealand, scuba diving at 100 feet with 40 sharks in Fiji, surfing in Australia, mountaineering in Thailand, mining exploration in the Hutti gold mines in India, all experiences, all adventures, all productions, all photojournalism.

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Ms. Karat believes that you cannot tell what you do not experience. That is why every story she investigates is a story she lives as a human being, as a woman, as a photojournalist. That is why her documentaries manage to sensitize the viewer by transporting him or her to the places where each story is produced. All her research is weighed with responsibility; she tries to take risks with the responsibility of not committing recklessness:" Stupid mistakes can have a very high cost in such situations.” She said.

Exposure at the UN

The UN found Karat's photographic work simply exemplary. Her series of photographs on the tribal territories of Gudalur made the UN open a special exhibition at the UN HQ in New York on 22 February to be available to the public until April 2020. Unfortunately for many who missed it but surely Karat will come out with some unforgettable COVID-Clicks.

The narrative in Ms. Karat's images induced an information company in France to become interested in her work. She was later hired by UNESCO's Green Initiative.

The motivation of a storyteller.

Ms. Karat finds her greatest inspiration in her family, in her roots. The mountains, the forests, the rivers, all of India is a source of inspiration. Beyond the borders of her nation, Ms. Karat finds inspiration in nature and the need to build references for the viewer.

The sustainability of the planet, of the traditions and of the best of the human being is learned much faster with images about the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the simple and the complex. That is the challenge of photojournalists and documentary filmmakers. Know More About Her Works:  

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