Meet the young man from Uttarakhand who is helping in girls' education.

shubham dharmsktu

Well! This story is of a young man who is almost living his life for a cause bigger than life. His way of living is so inclusive that it maintains the perfect coordination with fellow humans and nature. Our team was amazed at the way he has been picking up causes to serve. Every disorder he sees, his heart wants to address and his mind shows him multiple routes - the end result is that he is there, right at the doorstep of solution. 27-year-old Shubham Dharmsktu from Uttarakhand is a man to talk about today all for his "do anything to serve" attitude. 

The Girls' Education: 

A travel filmmaker from Uttarakhand who graduated from NID and stepped into the tourism industry after great brainstorming about what his heart aspires him to become is now the 27-year-old young man with a golden heart. When his mother, who is the principal of Government Girls Intermediate College in Dewayal, Salt in the hilly terrains of Uttarakhand's Almora district, got to his notice about the plight of her girl students not being able to take online classes because of not having access to smartphones, Shubham went into thinking. 

"When I asked my mom, "How's your school during the lockdown?", she told me that only a few of her students have access to phones. Most of her students can't attend classes," he told Times Now. Education was getting affected because of this sole reason and thereby many of the students even resorted to ending their lives out of this distress - this started pricking Shubham's mind. He found an old phone and thought that one student can use it. And boom! The idea of collecting old phones and distributing them among students clicked his nerve cells and immediately, he started doing so and distributed them among the girls. He wanted to give the old phones only to girls because every household is trying to prefer boys’ education over the girl's.


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If there's one phone, the boy gets it. Not the girl. So I decided to focus on female students, he said. 

However, this was not the first time that Shubham has thought of others. Read along to know more about his journey. 

A Travel Person and A Man Of Values:  

Shubham has devoted his life to travel. His youthful years in college were spent in deep introspection of what he really wants to do in life. Through the stories of legends, he understood that everyone who is looked upon by others for their wisdom and deeds has attained that knowledge only by travelling. After immense turmoil and brainstorming, once, while he was in the first year of his graduation, he decided to travel. He did a few cause-oriented travels and then by the time he stepped into the final year of graduation, he got an idea of what he wanted to become and thus checked in into the tourism industry. His travel experiences taught him that travel is something that should be done by completely connecting with nature by not damaging it. Thus Shubham decided to promote ‘sustainable tourism’ rather than the ‘reckless commercial tourism’. He took all pains, collected funds and established a travel company that conducted tours including the hiking and cycling tours to unique and "never-heard-of" locations. Within two years, they organized more than 300 tours with thousands of tourists. "Each and every tour with us brought something new in the lives of those who experienced the real face of nature,” he said. The company grew and opened an office in Delhi too with Shubham as its CEO. Shubham didn't stop travelling as he strongly believed that his personal travel experiences shall bring ideas to the company. But things started turning upside down. Those who funded the company wanted it to shift towards ‘commercial tourism’ that was completely opposing the vision of the company. "The thought of going against the basic fundamentals of the company felt unsubstantial to me.", said Shubham. He then walked out of his own establishment. 

Fellow People and Environment - Always In His Heart: 

Shubham always worked for some or the other cause. His company also was a result of one such beautiful ideas of sustainable travel. After leaving the company, Shubham didn't stop. With an aim to promote the idea of minimalist living, he travelled from Kashmir to Kanyakumari on foot that he kickstarted on 5th November 2018. All through his journey, his main aim was to promote love for nature and enlighten people about the dangerous amounts of toxic plastic waste being created. He completed this K2K journey successfully and showed everyone how travelling can be done by causing no harm to the environment. His journey over the complete Himalayan range shows his grit and extreme will power. This journey on his cycle allowed him to meet new people, cultures and he showed how beautiful people are and how pure nature's lap is. This adventure also allowed him to show the world how people are breathing toxic just because of their own deeds. Also, during the pandemic, this travel enthusiast and explorer helped the foreigners who were stuck in India to get back to their homes. He helped over 500 foreigners to reach their families by spending all that he saved to buy his dream camera. Helping girls' education during lockdown is another kindest deed he has extended - a true exemplar of human with an angelic heart, isn't it? 

A long list of things he has done and not even 30 years old. Inspired by this new age youngster, may many come forward to think about not just themselves but also about everyone and everything around. 

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