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When Sukh Chamdal's daughter asked for an eggless cake, the strict lacto-vegetarian family checked various eat-streets and food outlets in London but couldn't get a tasty eggless cake. That's when Sukh Chamdal and his cousin Pradip Dass wanted to step into the eggless cake business. Ideas pop out of unexpected situations at unexpected times. But how many people make the best out of those ideas is the question. Not everyone can risk their careers, comfortable lives and venture into something different from their usual path. Here is the story of cousins who made their Indian brand of tasty eggless cakes popular in London.  

Eggless Cakes - An Opportunity: 

We know that cakes being sold in the market contain egg in them. It is only the egg that gives them, the flavour of the cake. Most vegans eat cakes but these days there is a rise in the number of people going strictly vegan owing to good health. With more people preferring to eat eggless cakes, they have become the hot sellers. Increased demand and less availability of eggless cakes made Sukh Chamdal and Pradip Dass take it as a business opportunity. 

Barring The Gap Is The Secret: 

When people look at an eggless cake, all they can think of is a lump of bread dumped in sugar syrup. Eggless cakes don't appeal to the tastebuds like their egg-mixed counterparts. Thus, from the beginning, Chamdal who was a chef focussed on making his cakes compete in taste and quality with the traditional ones. He made eggless cakes in such a way that they appealed to the customers with and without dietary restrictions. Also, there is a gap in the market with respect to supplying instant, personalised eggless cakes for celebrations which caught the attention of Chamdal. He partnered with his Pradip Dass who is a well-qualified and experienced accountant and ventured into making egg-free cakes. 

He partnered with his Pradip Dass who is a well-qualified and experienced accountant and ventured into making egg-free cakes

The Journey: 

Once the gaps in the market were discovered, with no much delay, Sukh Chamdal, who received a grant of £30,000 from the government teamed up with South Bank University to develop a recipe for eggless cake. Eventually, this became a famous business in the East End of London and was named Eggfree Cake Box (ECB). It attracted a huge customer base with its fresh, tasty, eggless cream cakes that can be personalised according to the customer needs that too within a span of few minutes without compromising on the taste and sponginess. Another pearl in the crown comes in the form of the fastest delivery service with a waiting time of 20 minutes on average. All that started as a small store at Green Street, Upton Park in East London in 2008 has now grown to have 90 branches all over the UK becoming the largest Cake Shop Chain in the United Kingdom. "We pride ourselves in using the finest quality ingredients and taking the utmost care in the production of our cakes. It is a great honour for us to share our customers’ most important occasions, and we pride ourselves in delivering first-rate customer service as well as delicious and beautiful cakes,” said Chamdal and Dass.

We pride ourselves in using the finest quality ingredients and taking the utmost care in the production of our cakes - Eggfree Cake Box

Growing Leaps And Bounds:  

With its website that was launched in 2017, the company provided a Click and Collect feature that allowed customers to order a cake from the catalogue post which they can collect the cake from the store without waiting. Along with this, the website also offers a myriad of options like a store locator which shows the nearest store according to the customer's location. The complete list of ingredients is also exclusively displayed for customer validation. Along with cakes, the company also offers other delicious products including muffins, 100 per cent pure buffalo milk barfi, and egg-free cheesecake etc. "At the ECB, we make individually-crafted, celebration fresh cream cakes, in-store and on-demand for everybody, even individuals on a Lacto vegetarian or egg-free diet, for personal reasons or because of an allergy,” says Sukh. The Cake Box made its mark in the UK's air and that is evident with the revenue it made. The revenue rose from £5.6 million in 2016 to £12.8 million in March 2018. The underlying group earnings rose from £1.4 million to £3.7 million over the two-year period. The average annual franchise store earnings across the business were close to around £94,000. The spongy noise that these cakes made over the London streets were massive because of their unparalleled and dedicated service. 

"Our growth has been driven by the quality of our delicious fresh cream cakes and the attractive proposition we offer to our expanding number of franchisees,” Chamdal said.

More To Come: 

This London-based cake business that started more than a decade ago by Indian-origin entrepreneurs is now a big cake supply chain in the UK having more than 90 franchises. Soon their aim is to increase this number to 250. What more does a successful business need apart from visionary leadership, sensible understanding of customer's needs and honest service? We're sure that this Indian entrepreneur duo who has already made it big in the UK will spread beyond boundaries and make their eggless cake recipe world famous. 

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