Bihar boy's initiative has UNICEF partners to educating village kids. 'Keeping Learning Alive'.


Today, the world believes that youth can gain new skills and develop confidence by engaging in community service activities. Helping other people bolsters their self-confidence and gives them a sense of fulfilment. It is the reason we discover a few teens helping out other people despite being suffocated with their problems. The ability to help others allows them to gain more strength or courage to deal with their problems or experience temporary harmony. Yet, can an active teen of 13 years become a local pioneer? Rammilan, a class 8 student at Narsama Middle School, Riga, who certainly made it possible, is an outstanding example, though a positive role model from Bihar who motivates youth to live meaningful lives. During his excursion, he realized that ensuring continuous education can become a mission for the local community.

Rammilan is the younger son of  Indal Prasad Yadav and Pappu Devi. He has two brothers and two sisters. It was hard for his dad, a rancher, to feed his family two complete dinners. Naama town is  20 km from Riga, a square settlement in the Sitamarhi district of Bihar. Rammilan was unable to complete his education when halted last year. Thus it became impossible for his father to pay for expensive private education.  Rammilan was responsible for identifying a way out of the situation and ensuring he could continue his education. Having met a tutor in his area, he convinced him that he would educate the kids in his neighbourhood on behalf of the tutoring centre in exchange for the tutor teaching him free of charge.

A good luck stroke-

Shabir Khan, Save the Children's field supervisor for Keep Learning Alive at Narsama Middle School, met Rammilan in the field. Intrigued by Rammilan's zing for learning and excitement to help other people, headteacher Satrughna Prasad suggested Shabir connect with Rammilan in the Reading Buddy drive. Perusing Buddies is a friend learning group where an experienced understudy demonstrates his understanding abilities, errands, and home errands to a youngster.

Teens Reading Buddy reigniting the flame of literacy in the community. UNICEF partners

As part of the 'Continuing To Learn Alive' initiative, Save the Children is partnering with UNICEF to deliver this awareness campaign to 16 panchayats of the Riga block in Sitamarhi District, Bihar. As a result of this project, children and adults in the study area will have access to classroom instruction who otherwise would miss it because of school closures. Children who had been absent before the Covid outbreak will also receive learning assistance and be reintegrated back into school under the initiative.

In partnership with UNICEF-

Together with the Bihar government-UNICEF's portable learning model, Save the Children's group-based teaching methodology, the emphasis is on the teenage girls most at risk for dropping out, ensuring that the necessities of the school support every youngster. In 32 towns in Bihar, reached 3,200 young men and 3,200 young women through the initiative. During the Reading Buddies project, Rammilan trained for skills and knowledge gained from participating in Reading Buddies. He also discussed societal gender conventions and early marriage, and socioeconomic and gender-biased activities. He gained valuable experience in the field of administration through this training. Despite guaranteeing that all children in his town would receive training, it encouraged him to adapt.

Free education & a WhatsApp group-

By promoting the Reading Buddy goal, he began tutoring children in his neighbourhood and provided help to 18 kids with their exams. Furthermore, he has given writing materials to youngsters who were unable to afford them. Rammilan being a member of a Save the Children WhatsApp group wherein COVID-19 data is transmitted daily and Rammilan is part of that group. He shares it among the locals. He also visits families' homes to enlighten them on the significance of their children's education. Rammilan added.

"We do not ask for money. To learn, we need a library that has a wide variety of books. Throughout this reading buddy ship, I will perform the duties assigned to me. "We need more capacity-building initiatives like these hopes that the initiative will be adopted on a broad scale so that other students, like him, would not have to work as hard to complete their education".

The caring deeds of the community's people can sometimes properly assess its grandeur. And Rammilan's actions highlighted that we could all make a significant difference in our country by taking little measures to aid our neighbourhood. Rammilan's enthusiasm and energy erased those difficult stretches he had gone through. Future dreams include becoming an official in the Indian Administrative Service and serving the country for the rest of his life. In light of his training, he is confident in fighting against poverty, hunger, and other detestable practices.

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