UAE Indian Teen’s contribution towards Saving the Earth is indeed praiseworthy. Recognised by the British PM, Unesco and UAE Govt.

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Where does all the Plastic go???

Where does all the Plastic and Glass waste go? Do they get recycled or burnt, decomposed, reused? These interesting and thought provoking questions by a school girl were quite intriguing for her parents and teachers too. When she was told that it takes 40,000 years for a glass bottle and 500 years for a plastic bottle to degrade and more than 70000 trees to get One Single Newspaper printed, this little girl of 10 was stunned and shocked. Of course, not really understood the impact on the environment, but knew that she wanted a clean environment to live for herself and for others.

Charity Begins at Home.

Her Mother Madhu Madan being her biggest inspiration was quick to notice how concerned her daughter Arushi was about the surroundings they lived in and was enthusiastic and encouraging to help her.She was just 12 when both of them started a dialogue with the residents of the Building of 11 floors and initiated a recycling program with the support of the local waste management company.  The residents were moved by this and were quick to act and started segregating their waste.  Mom always told the little girl to “Be a change maker and not a change seeker”.

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Slowly, she educated them about how electricity can be saved by just putting off the common area lights and also in their homes when not needed.  Talked about how they could reuse the glass bottles and buy less of plastic bottles and bags and demonstrated on planting and nurturing a small garden could be a pleasant sight to the eyes and help improve the environment.

Teacher’s Role

The School and teachers have such a huge impact on students and for Arushi, she is fortunate to have Ms Anjum Hasan, the Environment Incharge beside her; encouraging and driving her all the time to do greater things and reach higher goals to save this beautiful earth. She proudly says that Ms Hasan is her biggest pillar of support and strength and has also impacted so many other students too.

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“Green Machine”

Green Machine is what they call her because of her passion and mission to make a difference to the environment  we live in.  Arushi, has a thousand ideas and a creative mind and once when she happened to see the used car and bicycle tyres being thrown around, she quickly decided to make designer tables which could be used as coffee-tea tables at home and donated a few tables to be used at conferences, seminars, Earth day shows, green festivals and schools. This internationally renowned “Green Machine” thinks, breaths, acts, works, creates awareness on a cleaner planet and impacts hundreds each day.

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Impacting the Children

Children are very receptive to any idea or change and came up with an unique initiative called “Birthday Plantation”.  This appealed to Moms and Kids and today there is a strong volunteer force of 2000 youngsters, 2500 kids and 500 older people who drive this concept of planting trees on Birthdays. This beautiful habit when inculcated as a small child can help the next generation.

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Mind Never Stops.

Believing in the saying “If you educate a man, you educate an individual but if you educate a woman, you educate a family and a generation “, she ensures to promote awareness among women through her ‘women special sessions’ at ladies’ clubs, societies, community gatherings and festivals.

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As President of youth community group “Students for the Earth”, she organized many drives to collect unwanted clothes so that they don’t end up in landfills. These clothes thus collected were either given to charity groups or sent to earthquake or flood hit regions.

Every action affects the Environment.

The main message she conveys is: Whatever we do, affects our environment so before taking any action, let’s ask ourselves 3 questions: ‘Is it necessary?’, ‘What will be its impact on the environment?’ And ‘Is there an eco-friendlier alternative?’ She strongly propagates and grabs every opportunity to educate and create awareness about planet Earth.

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UAE Government Helps

Though the Government of UAE is battling with the careless and casual attitude of the public, Arushi is confident to achieve the humungous target that the Government has set. By 2030, the UAE government wants to have reduced energy use by 30% and wants to eliminate waste sent to landfill. Arushi is finding ways and means to advocate through campaigns, educating the school children, youth and parents. 

A Dynamic Personality

It is commendable for a student to achieve so much and she continues to impress and inspire. Arushi is truly an All Rounder who excels in anything she does, be it her 90 plus scores, her leadership skills, dealing with the kids, being a guest speaker or presenting herself about her work at the international bodies like the UN, volunteering, being on the Editorial on School Magazine, heading many panels, discussions and conferences.

Taking care of one’s health is also so very dear to her and she ensures that she talks about eating healthy and exercising daily.  She loves cricket and has been part of the School team and she is a great bowler.  Badminton is another sport she has represented her School DPS, Sharjah. Arushi also has made an impact on people who come in contact with her by her sincere, polite, respect for others, helpful, patient, good listener and a kind hearted nature.

Awards & Recognitions.

Her Awards, Rewards, Recognitions, Honours and Media features simply cannot be put in a few lines. She has been recognised by the British PM,  Unesco, Sharja Government and other national and International Bodies. This PDF is a must Read for all kids, youth, parents and understand how much of work she has and is still putting in to make a world a cleaner place to live for you and for me.

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Signs off saying : “Each one of us is responsible to leave a cleaner Planet for our kids”. Let us all just try and put a few plants around our homes.

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