Bullied? You can now seek help from this shillong student 's Anti - Bullying App

meaidaibahun majaw

Bullying is not new and a survey conducted reveals that 40-45%  kids get bullied and its rampant.  Even in the recent past an international school in Mumbai made head lines for severe bullying. Every one experiences bullying at some point in time and off late institutions have taken good measures to keep it under control but a lot more needs to be done in this area.

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Shillong student’s trauma.

Teasing begins at a very young age most of the time and bullying continues. Students are now taking it on themselves to help curb and put an end to it.

Meaidaibahun Majaw and her sister both from Shillong faced bullying ever since they were in kindergarten and admits that it had left deep wounds. It may sound normal that group of students gang up against one and this is what this little girl faced and this experience traumatised her. This is one small incident but these happen all the time and she hated it and never wanted others to go through. Most kids are not comfortable to share their bullying experiences with their families and so continue to live and cope with it silently. At 8 Meaidaibahun Majaw thought “I must do something to help others and myself”.

Class IV girl creates an Anti-Bullying App.

Majaw thought had all the will to do something but the idea of an App cropped up when she had attended classes on coding and app development.  Majaw has more than a few dozen apps to her credit. However this Anti-Bullying App was a top priority though game development was a passion.

How does it work.

In its Beta stage and should be soon upon GooglePlay stores. This App allows the user to provide details of incidents including the names so that authorities can quickly come to their rescue. Of course, no one wants to reveal their identities so there is an option to report it to the teachers, family or friends for further intervention and help.

Tall dreams

To become one of the top developers in India and Why not? At this tender age, this girl has all the required skills to become one of India’s top developers. Majaw is hopeful that some experts will take note of her extraordinary skill and provide her the necessary support. Meghalaya Education Minister is already full of praises for her accomplishments.

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The generation Zee is so much smarter with full of ideas and solutions to make this world truly a better place.

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