She is making her award-winning wildlife photographer father proud. She captures rarest pics.

hannah vijayan

She is the pride of her father. We can say that one day, she crosses his mark in the field both are literally “competing” in – of course with a healthy and an encouraging competitive spirit. A photographer taught her daughter the ABCs of photography when she was a child. He introduced her to the world of nature, wildlife and everything around through the eye of his camera lens. Now, when his daughter is showing the world the beauty of everything through with the magic of her camera, this proud father is blissfully sharing her success with the world. The father is an eminent and promising Indian photographer, Thomas Vijayan and this story features his daughter Hannah Vijayan and her ecstatic works of art.

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year:

The wildlife photographer of the year is the competition that invites submissions from photographers of all ages and skills from across the globe every year aiming at engaging the young people with nature and life species announced its winners and commendable mentions for the year 2020. This platform offers photographers across the world to showcase their work while celebrating mother earth.  Among the mentions this year, was the amazing teen Indian photographer based in Canada. She is Hannah Vijayan who was introduced to the world of photography in her early childhood by her father, the award-winning wildlife photographer, Thomas Vijayan.

Award winning wildlife photographer, Thomas Vijayan

The Picture That Won Hearts:

In the Alaskan National Park, Hannah spotted a brown bear lavishing on her meal, a salmon. This bear can stand up to eight feet on his back legs, eat 25 fish per day. While most of these bears were seen around the waterfall located in the park, Hannah spotted one of them in calmer waters. While the rest of the spectators were busy clicking pictures of the bears catching salmon near the waterfall, Hannah chose to follow the bear that was quietly waiting to hunt its prey in the calmer waters. She waited for a long time to get the picture she wanted – the bear, her meal and their reflection in the water. And there you go, her picture was shortlisted among thousands of entries from across the globe and then, she was honoured as the wildlife photographer of the year under the 5-17 years category.

The Picture That Won Hearts

Not Just The First One:

For Siena International Photo Awards, Hannah’s contribution is again worth discussing. She waited for hours to capture a grizzly bear that hunts and preys its fish. She went to a spot where grizzly bears enjoy their feast by preying on multiple fish available around them. The sense of victory reflected in the bear’s face when she catches her prey, the royalty displayed while she is feeding on the fish, every single detail is captured so effectively in the picture that Hannah received an Honorable Mention in the awards.

Hannah who resides in Canada is making her father as well as her nation proud. Her pictures speak millions of words and her lens show the beauty of life on earth. May this budding photographer outperform her father and make him even more proud of her accomplishments.

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