Why not take BPOs to rural India instead of the other way around, this could prove to be more successful and less expensive.

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A business person thinks about establishing a venture and making it a profitable one so as to grow personally and at the venture level. But when she thinks of the community causes during his journey, addresses an issue that the society is facing, and provides a solution through his venture, then they are called an entrepreneur. That's where the fine line between being a business person and an entrepreneur lies. An entrepreneur addresses a problem and through their venture, the societal advantage is seen, people are benefitted and the firm simultaneously grows along with them. Saloni Malhotra is one such entrepreneur whose venture is taking job opportunities to the rural areas and is creating employment among the rural population. Let's quickly take a look at her entrepreneurial journey that is not only catering to businesses of the country by providing manpower but is also contributing to the empowerment of the rural. 

Young By Age And Great By Thoughts: 

Saloni Malhotra is a twenty-three-year-old engineering graduate from Pune University who started her career at an interactive media startup in Delhi. During her days spent working with the firm, she focussed on learning what it takes to start her own venture. Initially, though she was clueless about what to start and how to start, over a period of time, she decided to do something that would benefit that changes the outlook of the BPO industry. She observed that outsourcing helps companies reduce their overhead costs while receiving quality content and business help. What if this outsourcing work is taken back to the rural regions of India training and empowering rural youth? Two birds at one shot! While people in rural India mostly confine to their regions doing odd jobs owing to a lack of resources and skills, Saloni thought that if they are provided with the required training, they would become the best assets to the companies across the country. That means, while the companies can get their job done, rural unemployment would decrease!

Jobs In Search Of People: 

Saloni had a clear idea framed in her mind. Like no one else has ever done before, she thought of taking jobs to people instead of people going in search of jobs. This type of model would cut the overhead costs of the companies while opening employment opportunities to the rural population. She framed a plan to initiate rural BPOs in tier II cities and small villages in order to take in the unemployed youth to work. She thus set up DesiCrew. While it was started in 2005, the firm was formally registered in 2007.

she thought of taking jobs to people instead of people going in search of jobs - Desicrew


DesiCrew works on a model that absorbs unemployed youth from the rural areas of India. It then brings in the required infrastructure and provides necessary training to the youth to prepare them for the market and the available employment opportunities. Further, DesiCrew attracts projects from clients all across India. The venture also creates non-agricultural job opportunities in the villages for the educated youngsters. With job opportunities landing in the villages, the infrastructure of the village also is improved thereby contributing to the development of the village. DesiCrew started its programme with digitisation services such as data entry and data conversion adding services like content creation and validation, GIS-based mapping services, transcription, and localization over the next years. This became a hit when the economy was slowed down either due to the pandemic or due to various other reasons when the companies considered DesiCrew for back-end activities so they could cut down on costs.

DesiCrew works on a model that absorbs unemployed youth from the rural areas of India

Rough Road: 

When something new and unique is being brought into the scene, it surely suffers hard times. DesiCrew is no exception. Speaking to a release about the tough tasks that her company went through, Saloni said, "There were three dots on the board – rural, technology, and for-profit. The rural outsourcing/ BPO model seemed to be the perfect idea for joining these dots. After giving it a lot of thought, we started working on the project". The biggest challenge to DesiCrew was in building infrastructure on par with the client's office in rural areas. This should go in lines with that of the client's working space in any of the metro cities. In order to change the perception of the people that good quality work can happen only from cities, well-developed infrastructure should be created in the rural setting as well. With this as her motto, Saloni has got all possible facilities like broadband connection, stable power supply, appliances etc into the rural scenario thus enabling the establishment of rural BPOs.

Success Follows With Overcoming Challenges

Success Follows With Overcoming Challenges: 

The success of DesiCrew can be seen when we notice that the migrations have considerably decreased. Also, people who once saw no opportunity or growth in their village, are coming back to their hometowns. While they are given opportunities to work in their hometowns and villages, they are able to save almost 90% of their earnings. Another milestone that DesiCrew could successfully cross is bringing a good impact on girls' education. As women employment is created within the region itself, parents are now encouraging their daughters to finish school and get a job where they stay. Thus, with DesiCrew, revenue is generated by the community members which is in turn distributed among them. Taking pride and happiness at how well DesiCrew could bring change in the lives of people, Saloni said, 

"We have been pleasantly surprised by how much our people in the villages are capable of. They have put their hands up and delivered well on several high-end tasks. Our business model is evolving to meet the client requirements and we have learnt to be embrace change without comprising on our fundamental values,” the founder says.

Taking pride and happiness at how well DesiCrew could bring change in the lives of people

With the empowerment of the village population, especially the youth, Saloni has contributed to the nation to a greater extent. Hats off to the woman who followed her call and faced everything that came her way to make her vision, a bright reality.

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