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COVID-19's second wave in India wreaked havoc. Due to increased covid cases, the situation has worsened as people around us are left with chaotic situations day after day. Health care provision was leading a challenging task for the sector. However, one aspect is helping others out that brings the greatest pleasure. Eventually realizing the gravity of the situation, few random folks across the nation show their innate skills while working 24x7 to serve the most vulnerable amid life's turmoil. Witnessed fantastic folks during pandemics, every home has become a newfound hero from providing free meals to gathering necessary materials.

In this vein, Cdr. Sardana's residence, a former Indian Navy veteran Commander, staying at Delhi, indicates a prime example. At the residence of Rajiv Sardana, his cell phones barely stop ringing. Rajiv, his wife Archana Sardana (a scuba coach), and their two sons Ayush and Pranav Sardana distributed oxygen cylinders upon a pandemic outbreak. The couple provides mobile medical oxygen daily door-to-door, becoming the most challenging product to find in New Delhi.  Since the couple started the Greater Noida housing association project, it has become a 24-hour outreach to the community. An initiative that began in the family's lodging society in Greater Noida has expanded into a 24 hours charitable aid network across the city. A total of 100 homes have been sent help, conveyed, and book spaces for the family within twenty days. To respond to the increasing number of cases, all members of this family helped to offer support. Their younger son Pranav, currently in Sydney, also supports by responding to international calls made for help.

Ignition of Call of duty

It is easy to expect Domino pizza to be delivered as quickly as half an hour when we live in an urban society. Still, we are not guaranteed a life-saving oxygen cylinder at our doorstep at all times. Correct! As a result, during the second rush of Covid-19, which overran emergency clinics and disrupted oxygen supplies, Dr. Sardana began dialing mobile phones to deliver unrestrained oxygen cylinders. Rasdeep Singh, a dear friend of the Sardanas, was taken to the Gangaram Hospital in northwest Delhi to treat Covid-19, where the Sardanas saw the terrible scenes of individuals looking for oxygen. A rescue vehicle utilized the compact oxygen chambers to keep the companion alive as loved ones awaited a bed.

Being a nearby spectator of the situation, the Sardanas immediately looked for ways to offer assistance. Their Maruti Suzuki Van was converted into a big oxygen hauler, holding over 20,000 liters of oxygen. Three large chambers occupy this room, used to top off smaller rooms at whatever point is necessary. While the Sardanas assessed house options, they inquired about the individuals who require oxygen. 

Maruti Van turned into OXYGEN room during Covid will continue their services

A 24x7 service

Archana recalls, "Despite new risks every day and night, the significant aspect of this service was to fulfill the oxygen needs of every single folk at first. Getting large oxygen chambers was the main issue to be resolved. Once the family received them through their contacts, more chambers could be topped off."

The Sardanas' van provides 24 x 7 generous assistance across the city, with three huge chambers, each holding 7,000 liters of oxygen, and fill up the portable oxygen cylinders of up to 10 liters.  Although they have kept any record yet, they have delivered oxygen to over 100 patients in the past 20 days. Their most challenging delivery was to a 33-year-old adult living alone in southeast Delhi's Safdarjung Enclave. Rajiv Sarada eventually realized that the most vulnerable are single young city dwellers, although family members and apartment complexes provide supportive relationships.  Pawandeep Dhillon, a Saudia flight instructor, lost her father to Covid-19 and required oxygen for her sick mother.

Before initiating this service, Sardana and his wife both received the two portions of Covishield. Furthermore, when we make home visits to individuals with COVID, the couple used to wear double masks and a face shield. In a way, they protected themselves from sullying infections.

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A scuba trained family

All Sardanas are certified, scuba divers.   Having served aboard the submarines Sindhudhvaj and Sindhuraj for twenty years, Cdr Sardana retired as an underwater electronics engineer. Archana is India's only female skydiver (extreme paragliding) and diving instructor. Pranav and Ayush have set a national record for the youngest brothers ever to finish an open sea diving course in 2013. Both are certified scuba divers. They run a diving academy in Greater Noida that trains schoolchildren across Indian pools as part of their plunging foundation. When declared the countrywide lockdown in early March 2020 and public collections were restricted, Sardana shut down its doors.

As Rajiv Sardana said, 'nothing is a test.' Everything was figured out from small to large chambers, topping off to conveyance after a bunch of experience. Everyone fit can take part in helping their family members who are in need. Patients recovering at home don't have to run out of oxygen. You can reach me Rajiv Sardana at any time."  On top of that, customers can make payments online once support has begun.  Here are the concerned contact details- Paytm Number – 8802049992, Google Pay – 8802049992. You can write your queries at rajiv@indianskyjumpers. Or  call Comm Commander Rajiv Sardana (Retd.) Mobile- 8802049992.

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