Mumbai Lawyer spends his time mostly at Mumbai's city hospitals. Here's why.

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Leslie Pereira has never asked for any media coverage nor did any newspapers write about him. But he never stopped doing what he did and yeah! He has never taken a Selfie with those for whom he worked to post it on social media. They say that the other hand shouldn't know about the help extended by one hand. Leslie did it the same way. Otherwise, if a man who has been doing so much for the needy for not one, two but many years now it's not known to anyone, then it evidently means that he is working for good SELFLESSLY. Who is Leslie and what is his notable work? Let's dive into his story to know more about him.

Grown-Up With No one And Nothing:

Doesn't know where and to whom he was born. He hugged the park benches at nights and slept under the open sky. He never had a house to live, nor had proper clothes to wear and good food to eat. His house was just the rugged road until he got a house when someone had adopted him. He got a house but he did not get the love and attention he longed for. He was never given proper food or clothing. Whenever he visited a friend's house, that's when he got to eat some good food his tummy full. Thus, all his growing up years, he lived at the mercy of others. All these have shown a deep impact on him that he has grown to be empathetic towards fellow human beings. He decided to work for people who went through pain just like him.

I know I can’t take care of all the people in this world, but I feel that even if I make one person smile, my goal for that day stands achieved, he says. 

A Man With Heart All Over His Body:

The boy who lived in pathetic conditions as a child grew up to be a Lawyer and practices at the Bombay High Court and is well-known for taking up Public Interest Litigation cases for the past 18 years. As a Lawyer who stands for justice in the court, Leslie stood by the needy outside the court hall. A seven-year-old girl from Karnataka lost both her parents to HIV. She was admitted to the JJ hospital and was abandoned by her grandmother. She was also thrown out of her village as she was HIV-positive. Pereira adopted the homeless girl and cleared her hospital bills. He later sheltered her in a care centre. In another incident, when a two-year-old girl was raped and thrown in the bushes near the Sewri railway station, Leslie sheltered her in a rescue home, Asha Sadan from where she was adopted by a couple. She is now living a happy life. 

I know what it feels like to be abandoned, to be lonely, he says.

In another incident, a woman from Chennai came to Mumbai to apply for a visa and fly to the Gulf. When she came to Mumbai city, she suffered a paralytic stroke and was admitted to the JJ hospital. During her stay in the hospital, she was raped by a ward boy in a toilet. The hospital authorities tried to cover up the issue. But the woman's attendant Jamila Begum brought the issue to Pereira’s notice. Leslie got an FIR registered and ensured the rapist was arrested. The victim’s bills were taken care of and her treatment continued for another nine months. Pereira revealed that the dead bodies are being missed from the morgue of a government-run hospital. The hospital is selling out the dead bodies to medical colleges and thus Leslie took the charge of it and exposed the scam. When Pereira discovered that clinical trials are illegally being conducted on poor patients without their knowledge and consent at a reputed hospital, he exposed the racket and the people behind it.

Eunuchs who are abandoned at the hospital and are denied admission into also are Pereira's friends. When there was no one to care for them, Leslie was there by their side and spent several nights with them talking to them and attending to their needs.

"They are also humans and require care and love. Is that too much to ask for?" questions Pereira.

The Man who Spends his time mostly at the Hospital:

Leslie looks after and attends the abandoned patients at the hospitals in Mumbai city. He can never forget one of the incidents in his life when he was refused help by the hospital authorities when he absolutely had no clue what to do. Most of his days and several of his nights are spent in the government-run hospitals attending to patients left alone by their families. The kind man has rehabilitated hundreds of destitute commercial sex workers, HIV patients and elderly people so far. Just walk to the JJ hospital compound and you will find Leslie guiding the helpless and unfamiliar patients towards the operation theatres, emergency wards, and sometimes even to the police stations to file criminal cases.

Humanity Is His Religion:

Irrespective of caste, creed, colour and race, Leslie wants to reach out to every person in need and he believes that he has to give back to the universe which has given him so much. 

“My aim is to serve humanity", he says. "To work for the betterment of society by being generous" is his aim for life.

When Mother Teresa served the needy, she never expected medals and titles and here we have Leslie Pereira who is on the same road. May this man live a long, happy and healthy life and may his life continue to serve and attend people in need. May this act of his restore in this world, the faith in humanity. 

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