Jayaraj Gedela became a HIPPI traveller to experience the true essence of Life. 

jayaraj gedela

"Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. The journey changes you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.” - Anthony Bourdain.

Not everyone would realize the wonders traveling offers and one such travel enthusiast Jayaraj Gedela explored a different facet of traveling. He embraced something called the "HIPPIE TRAVELLING". To understand more about this person and his traveling journey, let's take a closer look at his story.

Early Years:

As an introverted child who was bullied for being a book worm, he battled Nystagmus and set his foot to breathe the air from different corners of the world. While there are numerous people who set to travel, what's unique about Jayaraj's travelling ?

The Hippie Travelling :

The boy who got into the hobby of traveling has chosen a different way of experiencing its joy. He became a Hippie traveler. A Hippie travels extensively with little or no money. Then how will he be able to manage his expenses? The main concept behind this is that a hippie traveler meets people on his way, explains the purpose of his traveling to them, and when the people are impressed with his purpose of traveling, they would sponsor his expenses. The hippy traveler also helps and assists the people he meets on his way and in return receives help from them to continue his travel. This type of traveling thus helps the traveler to recognize his own self as well as to explore the humanity around. This is the way that Jayaraj has started traveling.

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Experiences As A Hippie Traveller: 

In 2014, Jayaraj traveled from Visakhapatnam to Pune. In 2016, he traveled to Varanasi. The main purpose of this trip was to spread awareness about the importance of wearing a helmet. This trip gave him valuable life lessons too. He met a watchman who sponsored tickets to Varanasi. He also met a man who has turned into a Saint leaving behind all his property. Off late, during his travel to Munnar, he helped a family and in return the family has sponsored his travel expenses as a mark of gratitude. Thus, hippie traveling converted him from being an introvert to an ambivert.

Motivational Speaker's Future Plans :

That nerd at school has become a motivational speaker because of the enlightenment he received due to extensive traveling. This unique traveler wants to turn into a travel blogger and spread the awareness about the importance of traveling among the people.

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In a country where studies are given utmost importance, where scorecards decide the abilities of the students, it is very important for students and parents to realize the real meaning of knowledge, to realize the true meaning of education and enlightenment. This true education comes through experience. True lessons are not learnt from the pages of a book, they can be derived from the experience. This experience comes when we travel and meet new people. This is the message that Jayaraj wants to convey and spread far and across. Let's wish this aspiring Travel Blogger to travel miles and in his journey, discover and present to us, the different aspects of benevolence and magnanimity. 

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