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This is the story of a woman who has dedicated her life to take care of and nurture the environment. All that she does is eco-consciously done and her businesses are planned and designed keeping nature in mind. When she initiated the Milk Bag Project along with a like-minded partner, she ensured that the project continues and sustains, giving way to a sustainable tomorrow. Hansu Pardiwala is the icon of our page today, whose story will awake in everyone, the responsibility of living a life in coordination with nature. Who doesn’t know what plastic causes to nature? The most common form of plastic that comes from every household is in the form of the most essential ‘milk packets’ which are cut and discarded recklessly without thinking of any means of safe disposal. People don’t even think about what would happen to these milk packets once they are thoughtlessly disposed of. Though everyone knows that they reach the drains and clog the water bodies affecting the marine life in many ways, along with posing a serious threat to the soil when disposed of off in the landfills as they don’t decompose, people seem to not care for all these details. The reason could be a lack of time to spend on thinking and implementing how effectively they can discard or recycle these dangerous wastes. In the present-day world, where everyone runs to earn bread, little can they act eco-friendly even if they want to. That’s where Hansu stepped in. “Just think of saving the environment and we are here to assist you”, she says. Let’s take a quick look at her work and get sailing in the same boat in order to gift the coming generations, safer places to live and breathe.

Strong Educational Foundation And Vast Experience:

Hansu Pardiwala finished her high school education at Cathedral & John Connon School. She then went on to pursue graduation in Commerce from H.R. College of Commerce and Economics. She further gained a degree in Hotel Management from Sophia Polytechnic. She was the Director of Hari Dharti Eco Solutions PVT. LTD, a Waste Management Solutions provider until April 2019.

Hari Dharti Eco Solutions PVT. LTD, a Waste Management Solutions provider until April 2019

She has been serving as the Project Facilitator at the Eco Audit Program that helps businesses save money while identifying opportunities to make green practices a source of ongoing value. She has also been the Managing Partner for Har Ghar Hara Ghar, which started operating since April of 2020. This Waste Management professional has got over four years of experience in the field and has very recently taken up waste management training and spreading awareness about different kinds of waste, the methods of their collection and disposal. She is also the joint secretary of the Cuffe Parade Resident’s Association and is actively involved in the Cuffe Parade community matters.

She has also been the Managing Partner for Har Ghar Hara Ghar, which started operating since April of 2020

The Milk Bag Project:

When Kunti Oza of 'Clean Mumbai Foundation, Hansu Pardiwala and Chitra Hiremath of 'Garbage Free India' received a WhatsApp forward about the proper way to cut a Milk Bag, they knew that they are going to do something that changes the face of milk-bag-disposing in the country. Garbage Free India has started the “Milk Bag Project” in order to stop milk bags from reaching landfills, drains and water bodies. With the primary aim to build a sustainable nation where every citizen will be able to manage their waste responsibly, Garbage Free India was set up in 2013. To make citizens, active missiles in waste management, GFI conducts various activities and drives. It thus started the Milk Bag Project along with Hansu Pardiwala in the May of 2019. Hansu plays a key role in carrying out this project effectively by creating awareness about the damage caused by plastic milk bags. The team helps people in recycling the milk packets. All they have to do is to follow the instructions given in the video to properly cut, rinse and store the bags before they send them to the recyclers. Hansu and her eco-conscious team help people by collecting the milk packets and sending them to the recyclers.

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All people have to do, as they say, is simple. They should first ensure that the milk bags are properly cleaned and rolled up neatly. They can then be couriered at their own cost to Milk Bag Project's collection centre at "Milk Bag Project: MSLTA (Maharashtra State Lawn Tennis Association) Guest House, Cooperage, Corner of Nathalal Parikh Marg, Mumbai – 400039". “When you do so, please share the courier details with the team at themilkbagproject@gmail.com”, the team advises. They have been collecting milk bags from 12 societies and 14 commercial entities from the South Mumbai circle. The weekly collection sums up to around 15kgs. Initiated by Hansu Pardiwala, along with Kunti Oza of Clean Mumbai Foundation and Chitra Hiremath of Garbage Free India, the Milk Bag Project has stopped more than 700kgs of milk bags from going into Landfills and water bodies with some of their regular donors as The World Trade Center, IDBI, LIC, Leopold Cafe, Cricket Club of India (CCI) and Indian Merchants’ Chamber (IMC).

Hansu, whose hobbies are reading, travelling, watching movies, singing, learning new skills and cooking, is one of the true epitomes of how one can live in coordination with nature. Her certifications, job roles and associations with social enterprises clearly show how closely connected she is, to the cause. Let’s join hands with people like Hansu in order to make our country sustainable and a better place to live.

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Plastic Milk packets discarded thoughtlessly. This entrepreneur is making use of them

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