New mom became an entrepreneur. Healthy Diapers initiative turned into a success story.

pallavi utagi

If motherhood comes in the way of a woman's career, she has to choose between continuing her career and shouldering the baby's responsibility. It's quite obvious that she chooses the baby over her career. To most women, this choice means breaking from their career and dreams for years. While a few of them give a great come-back, most of them remain with their children until they grow up. This page brings before you, the story of a woman whose rising career graph saw a temporary halt when she gave birth to a baby. However, she neither wanted her motherhood to interfere with her career, nor she let her career effect the essence of motherhood. Thus, she thought of it extensively and resolved to become an entrepreneur while taking care of her baby. 

A Successful Career Graph: 

Pallavi Utagi, an MBA graduate from Mumbai worked as a brand manager for several brands like iPill, iCan, and iSure. While she was in the peak of her bright career, she got married and the motherhood that followed demanded her time to be dedicated to the baby quitting her job. While Pallavi was enjoying her motherhood and taking care of her baby, her attention fell on the modern day diapers that are literally causing damage to the baby's skin. Conventional cloth pieces called 'langots' that are used for babies need frequent changing and diapers, on the other hand, cause skin irritation and rashes. Pallavi wanted to develop a solution for this. She thus decided to develop a material that soaks and absorbs considerably without causing discomfort to the baby. "Another concerning issue for me was the hazardous effects on the environment that the disposable diapers caused,” Pallavi told a release. After good amount of effort and research, the material thus developed by Pallavi was branded under the name "Superbottoms" in the year 2016.

After good amount of effort and research, the material thus developed by Pallavi was branded under the name - Superbottoms in the year 2016

Super Mom's Superbottoms Success: 

It was a tough task to Pallavi to balance the business as well as the motherhood. To take up and get used to the responsibilities as a new mother along with managing the business posed challenges to Pallavi. However, her work experience as a brand manager came in handy. She developed smart marketing model to expand her business by interacting with new parents. She formed groups in WhatsApp and Facebook. Her communication skills helped her make sensible discussions with her clients. She thus started to build a consistent business model. Customers first tried her product and started loving its quality. They showed interest in the product and also started recommending it. 

 "Once a parent of twins challenged me that it won’t last for a whole night. But the next morning she called me in shock and said that it really did last for a night. That was the most overwhelming compliment and made me believe in my idea”, pallavi said. Currently, the brand is growing at a good pace of five times every year.

Super Mom's Superbottoms Success

Future Goals: 

Pallavi, who set an example to the women out there showing the fine balance between bread-winning and babycare, aims to make her business, a Rs. 100 crore revenue model by the end of 2023. 

While 21st century mothers are no less than rockstars, moms like Pallavi Utagi are showing way to all those who suffer a career break because of child bearing and rearing.

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