Caffeine less Coffee. Garlic Coffee is exactly like sipping Coffee. Tasty, safe, healthy..A Jap invention.

yokitomo shimotai


Seven out of ten, at least in my opinion, love sipping hot, aromatic coffee. Most people love to drink coffee multiple times in a day. Of course, too much of anything is dangerous, but some say that drinking coffee everyday is also not advised because of the presence of caffeine in it. Caffeine can cause health complications like anxiety, digestive issues, high blood pressure, fatigue, rapid heart rate, insomnia, muscle breakdown and others. Though people are aware that caffeine leads to problems like these, they also know the brighter side of caffeine that can lower the risk of certain cancers, brain conditions and liver problems. Having said that there are benefits to caffeine intake, too much of it can become an addiction leading to problems. What if I can enjoy coffee without having to worry about the caffeine in it? Coffee without caffeine? Yes. Let’s turn our heads towards northeast Japan to know more about this interesting innovation.

Turning Mistake Into A Magical Drink:

Yokitomo Shimotai hails from northeast Japan and used to be the owner of a coffee shop in Aomori Prefecture. Some around three decades ago, when he was at work in his coffee shop, something which he considered to be a mistake at that time, happened. He was multi-tasking that day. On one hand, he was serving the customers while on the other side, he was burning a piece of steak with some garlic. The garlic was burnt and Shimotai went on to mash the burnt garlic with a spoon. He then mixed it with hot water. When Shimotai tasted it, he was surprised at how the mixture had developed a bitter taste similar to that of coffee. However, Shimotai did not invest his time on the drink at that time.

Yokitomo was surprised at how the mixture had developed a bitter taste similar to that of coffee

An Alternative Coffee:  

Time came blissfully to land before Shimotai after his retirement. Even after years of happening the incident, it is still fresh in his memory and shimotai knew that he would make it bigger one day. The man started to invest his full time on the mistakenly-made drink years ago. With several trial-and-error attempts, he zeroed upon a brew that he was satisfied with. It took him five years in all. As Asia One reports, Yokitomo Shimotai reportedly told the Kyodo News that this drink is the first of its kind in the world. He said that there is no caffeine in the drink and is thus recommended for everyone especially to those who would like to drink coffee at night. He reportedly said that it’s safe on pregnant women too. Shimotai received patent for his drink in the year 2015 post which he started a workshop to explain its procedure in Iwate Prefecture. Shimotai launched the drink in January 2017, two years after receiving the patent. This garlic coffee is said to have amazing aroma, taste and appearance just like that of the original coffee and has attracted people widely.

It’s amazing how man can create wonders even out of mistakes. Learning from mistakes is the stepping stone of success, they say. But turning a mistake into an astonishing, innovative and unique formula is something worth applauding!

Garlic coffee tastes exactly like coffee but sans Caffeine and people seem to love it. Jap invention

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