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Ordinarily, when boys at age 8 are keen on venturing into the dreamland of Hogwarts and starting to relate to the Wimpy Kid, Reuben Paul gazing on the green code downpour of The Matrix. He is a hacker expert, and his key focus is encryption on cell phones. Amid a conference, he got a hold of the floor. He confirmed in a couple of minutes how fast a cyber hacker could use and borrow all critical information from an Android smartphone and secure a passage to access your contact details, including name, call records, and messages. With his guardian's and industry pioneers' assistance, Reuben also established a network security awareness-raising band called CyberShaolin. His association has the mission to teach, prepare, and engage youngsters with information CyberSafety. He is presently dealing with creating applications that show Cyber Security and Mathematics to kids. Reuben Paul's been going to a few industry-driving data meetings fundamentally with RSA, DerbyCon, and so on. A few newbie organizations consider him a "Youngster Hacker."

Reuben is just a 9-year-old pupil at the Harmony School of Science in Austin, TX. When asked by his 1st-grade teacher to explain his potential career, he wrote on a sheet that he wanted to become a cyber spy. Reuben has been talking about data security, including web app programming, for the last two years. So in the summer of the year 2014, with his parents' help, Reuben is now a refined web app expert, a cyber spy, a master in network security, and a CEO of Prudent Games Inc,  a game progress firm. It's a program that operates to teach while motivating its clients separately. Prudent Gaming has the slogan, "Learn While You Play," and focuses on designing games and applications that educate Software (Cyber) Safety and Arithmetic and will incorporate Technology, Culture, and Art forms in the coming days. He is indeed a renowned spokesperson in the hacking community.

Prudent Gaming has the slogan -Learn While You Play - and focuses on designing games and applications that educate Software

Cyber ninjutsu!

In 2014, Reuben was listed as a  global young prodigy by Microsoft Network (MSN) since he was just eight years old with his hacking skills, including speeches. Being a thirteen-year-old boy, he has managed to secure a guest speaker opportunity to speak on  25 keynote speeches and lectures. Simultaneously, discussing a range of computer security risks, including cracking smart gadgets for youngsters, Window frames and Smartphone software platforms, breaking codes, cracking handheld devices, ransomware, and active media manipulation. Apart from these hacking accomplishments, Reuben secured the title of "Digital Ninja" as the most youthful individual to have earned the Shaolin Do Kung Fu Black Belt in the USA, Besides he highlighted on Fox TV news channel Austin story. Reuben's account of how he began has turned into a comic series named "The Cyber Ninja." The Kid Hacker was a gold medal winner in the year 2014 at U.S. Gymnastics National Tournament.

Under 15 Hacking Star...

It observed that children worldwide had begun to write Rueben, showing a desire to learn hacking power from him. Reuben decided to help them by providing them with an instructive platform that would explain his experiences. At the point when his parent inquired as to whether he needed to charge for his recordings, he reacted, "No, the platform we create should be available at free of cost and open access to every child and every corner of the world. Regarding his desires, his family helped Reuben found an online protection mindfulness and instruction association called CyberShaolin. CyberShaolin has the mission to instruct, prepare, and enable children with network protection information, utilizing recordings and games that he created when he finished with his schoolwork and sports preparation. It is a non-benefit association, and Reuben might want you to get included and hold hands with him to bring online protection mindfulness up in the network.

Spilling hacking venom through Wi-Fi signal…

Comparing with some of the best scientists and engineers, Reuben Paul has thought process since he was close to nothing. The grinning third-grader from Texas was back in real life at Ground Zero Summit 2015, gathering network safety specialists and scientists at one of the most significant programmer meetings worldwide. A year ago, he had conveyed his feature on November 14, Children's Day. The next time he acted as a 'private envoy' to educate children with the power of information security.

Dream comes true.

He has highlighted at a few businesses driving security gatherings, for example, (ISC) Security Congress, RSA, DerbyCon, Cybersecurity Asia (Malaysia), GibCyber (Gibraltar), and the International One Conference (Netherlands). He even shared the stage as a co-featured subject matter expert with Ms Glover-Jones, the CIO of the Defense Intelligence Agency in the 2017 Department of Defense Intelligence Information Systems (DoDIIS) overall gathering. His Display of hacking shrewd toys and chats on "Making a Safe and Secure Cyber World for youngsters wowed the group a great deal.”….

He has highlighted at a businesses driving security gatherings (ISC) Security Congress

A perfect combo!

Reuben presents 'Growing r00t-Kidz: The Prospect of Cyber Security... along with his breakthrough speech  "InfoSec from the mouth of angels" has been cited and referred to by a few data security sources and news media that consider him a "Kid Hacker." They have become a wellspring of motivation to children and grown-ups to begin instructing CyberSecurity to kids.

Scratching cybercrime…

Paul states that 'he turned his hand in the industry of 'qualification reaping,' a popular term for cracking codes. "With extraordinary hacking aptitudes, you get power, and with incredible force comes incredible obligation," he stated, citing his idol, Spider-Man. While Paul needs to turn into a "great cyber spy,” the setting is overflowing with specialists who have just procured their stripes. Following the champ hacker, another hacker among the conference further stated," speaking anonymously, that Rueben began hacking his school's framework to know his evaluations in graduation. Another, Harsh Shah, hacked his school's Wi-Fi and I.T. frameworks to obstruct admittance to online media. Inderjeet, a moral programmer, said he had discovered a security defect in the online passbook printing apparatus.

Few Pass time activities!

Ruben is not yet another cyber nerd.  He led a life mostly on the fringe, across his education, as just an exact 'A' grade, with few other interests. Apart from playing computer games or on the P.C., he gets a kick out of the chance to peruse and takes classes to play inline Hockey, Swim, do Gymnastics, play the Piano, Drums, and do Art.

Let us all offer a space to express our pride and appreciate the talent of a little cyber spy who has stunned the nation and procured a name in the world of network security. Although we have identified this boy's cyber ability, we should better direct this potential for a greater purpose. 

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