From zero to Hero how the son of a Farmer is living his Dream to Educate the Poor and Deserving.

gopi reddy

Opportunity Knocks!

This is the story of Gopi Reddy, the son of a noble farmer who found a lot by giving thanks to the little he was blessed with. Hailing from the remote village of Ravulapenta in Andhra Pradesh, Gopi wasn’t aware of the opportunities that lay before him until he got the chance to step outside his village.

He studied at the Zilla Parishad School at his village up to grade 7 until his gates to education opened up when his uncle took him along to Hyderabad for his secondary education.

This opened a lot of doors for Gopi and he welcomed his chance with open hands and embraced the opportunity he received. A class 10 topper, Gopi realized that if he were to make it big in life, he would have to dedicate himself  to hard work and make a genuine effort.  

After he passed out of class 12, he went on to receive a fully-funded scholarship that took care of four years of his engineering education.

Gopi never thought a day would come where he, a mere local with no means to dream big would pursue his MBA from the Faculty of Management Studies in Delhi.


In 2013, Gopi was one of the lucky eight winners of the Godrej LOUD initiative. The time had finally come where he would be given the chance to realize a long cherished dream of his. His dream was the lucky one amongst 733 other applications sent by business school students from across the country.

He won a prize money of 1.5 lakhs and he was determined to put it to good use.

A Dream!

With the money he received, Gopi plans to sponsor the education of two deserving students from the school he attended back in his village.

Gopi knows opportunities for people with meagre means remain scarce till today. There are some bright minds that get lost within the clutches of poverty. He wishes to help them out; the way his uncle helped him, without whom, Gopi would be no one today!

When Godrej Loud was announced on his campus, he immediately knew what he had to do! There was nothing more rewarding than giving back and making a difference in the lives of the people around you.

Godrej LOUD

LOUD is an initiative by Godrej to help students realize their personal and most cherished dreams that have remained unfulfilled. It is a radical approach with no hidden scams or catches, designed to help students at university to live out and achieve their dreams.

Winners of the initiative get INR 1.5 Lakhs as prize money to help realize their purpose and aspirations.

Inspire Many

Hope Gopi’s initiative will inspire many to come forward to make a difference to the society in their small little way.

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