Gleam attitude in his demeanor, this centenarian was a prominent civil rights activist in Karnataka.

hs doreswamy

Mahatma Gandhi spearheaded the Quit India movement against the British in the year 1942. At that time Indian youth circle expressed the power of their togetherness. This inspiring movement touched thousands of youth hearts in Bengaluru, that they heeded the call. Among them was Harohalli Srinivasaiah Doreswamy, a 24-year-old graduate who was there when police detained Mumbai State Congress Party president KF Nariman at Banappa Park. Motivated by this moment, he then decided to dedicate himself to social work. Exasperated, Doreswamy, along with his companions, staged a protest the following day in their institute against the oppressiveness of the public authority.  "Bharat Mata ki Jai", "Mahatma Gandhi ki Jai' and "Down with the police" resonated through the school quadrangle by them, the police surged in, and a lathi-charge ensued. To undermine the British Raj, he decided to install low-level bombs in mailboxes and record rooms to target official archives. As a result, he was imprisoned for subversive activities but was freed in 1943. That was HS Doreswamy's first dissent. Even at the revered age of 100 years, he never dimmed in his performance, stopping in the journey for the genuine opportunity he and his peers battled for each one of those years prior. "We had our high hopes. We figured destitution would be destroyed following Independence. We felt there would be no racial discrimination. But our population is still poor to the extent that 30 percent live below the poverty line today." as expressed by this deceivingly frail figure man. As impressive is Doreswamy's influence, on which the state Energy Minister referenced, "Mr Doreswamy was exemplary integrity, who battled for the liberation of this country, and was a detainee during the Independence War. Born on April 10, 1918, Harohalli Srinivasaiah Doreswamy was an outstanding physical scientist and math lecturer who also fought for the rebirth of Bengaluru's lakes.

Early years at a glance

Harohalli, in the erstwhile kingdom of Mysore, was Doroswamy's birthplace. Shamana, his granddad, brought him after his parents died when he was five. He had an elder sibling, 'Seetharam' who might later become the civic chairman of Bangalore in autonomous India. Grandad was the town clerk and an elected official. Doreswamy finished his elementary schooling in his town and afterwards went to Bangalore to complete his advanced education. During his higher secondary education, he attended the Government Intermediate College of Bangalore and later earned a Bachelor's degree in Science from the Central College of Bangalore. Upon completing college in June 1942, he began to teach math and material science at a secondary school in Bangalore. Shades of his political journey

In his life, Doreswamy tackled many issues, ranging from his opposition to the Kaiga nuclear power plant in north Karnataka to land rights for ranchers. Doreswamy and Gauri Lankesh, the writer assassinated in 2014, was part of a stage that helped Naxalites return to normality. He was an individual from the Indian autonomy development and turned into a centenarian in April 2018. He was likewise a writer and ran a paper called Paura Vani, which voiced the desires of a free India. He stayed a submitted lobbyist until the end; his last missions were against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), and the bill's disputable ranchers' bill. A controversial political storm engulfed Doreswamy in March 2020. A BJP MLA from Bijapur, Basangouda Patil Yatnal, considered him a "phoney political dissident" and a "Pakistani specialist," seeking confirmation of his inclusion in the Independence movement. Responding to this, Doreswamy replied, "In terms of ideology, I do not belong to any group. Because of my legislative policy, they seek to eliminate me from the developments. That is their way of thinking and so the pain is unbearable for me."

HS Doreswamy last missions were against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), and the bill's disputable ranchers bill

A polished sense of humour without political clout...

In general, activists can be very solemn and judgmental; however, Doreswamy was a gregarious, humorous individual. That sparkle in his expressions couldn't be neglected. Regardless of age, he could converse with anyone. He was especially commendable in his political thought concerning Hindu-Muslim harmony and his opposition to the debasing of any ideology. Doreswamy never mingled with government officials, while numerous journalists would take advantage of the lucky break to be seen around with the high and the powerful. He was perceived as the heart of Karnataka.

Doreswamy was hardly dependent on mobile phones. He generally conveyed a little notepad and recorded subtleties of individuals he met, contact numbers, and what he met them for. Whenever he was persuaded your motivation was veritable, he would remain by you. He was all set to any place whenever to lead fights and energize. At no time did Doreswamy want after force and position. He remains a deep-rooted rebel who accepted that endless carefulness was the cost of opportunity. The progressive officials who came to power and ran the country, regardless of party affiliation, annoyed him the most.


Doraswamy had participated in India's freedom movement, and he kept protesting the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) up until last year. The year was 1950 when Doreswamy wedded a 19 years old girl Lalithamma and later had their two kids.

HS Doreswamy with His Wife Lalithamma

Losing his better half in 2019 left him with a child and a girl, as well as three grandchildren. The centenarian Doreswami was 103 when he was diagnosed with Covid 19 in May of 2021. However, he recovered and returned within a week. Unfortunately, his previous heart and asthma conditions, coupled with his Covid problems, sent him back to the clinic the following day. In the wake of battling for life for one day, he breathed his last. HS Doreswamy, a political dissident and lobbyist, died of heart failure in Bengaluru.

His years of unwavering battle and unshakeable social dedication will remain ingrained in our hearts and mind forever.

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