Bengaluru Doctor on a two-wheeler ambulance continues to serve and educate the people during pandemic crisis.

dr. syed moinuddin shabbir

A Doc with a Humane Touch

With OPDs shuttered in several hospitals and residential clinics due to the Lockdown, the 46-year-old Bengaluru Physician from Santosh Nursing Home, has appeared as a wandering healer for countless residents of Shivajinagar, Pulakeshinagar, and Bharatinagar. As a community activist, he is a member of the B.PAC Public Management Incubator network, he has been a member of various awareness-raising programs.

A stride, a two-wheeler transformed into an ambulance, Dr. Syed Moinuddin Shabbir travels across 125 km every day, managing minor illnesses and supplying food and medication to occupants in need.

With a bit of Help !

Since he is fulfilling 8 hours of his routine hospital service, he guarantees to spend an extra 5 hours of overtime duty to serve the needy. The brilliant doctor travels 20 to 25 pathways per day and examines the patients. He offers Insulin doses to diabetic patients, oximeters, medical aid etc. A few of the medications he provides are also for blood pressure and cholesterol.

Dr. Syed Moinuddin Shabbir With a bit of Help

Dr. Shabbir takes the help of Police Headquarters in Pulikeshinagar and Bharati Nagar area in  Bangalore to support his endeavor. Patients needing assistance or arrangements/drugs get in touch with one of the two stations, which alarm Shabbir. Dr. Moinuddin Shabbir has made more than 4000 house visits going to patients in close by regions. Until this point, the specialist has distributed goods that could last as long as one month to 10,000 families, including transient laborers. Shabbir ensures that he wears a COVID costume to secure himself.

Why a 2 Wheeler ?

While serving and caring for his patients, he had a very positive experience. The tight by-paths of Shivajinagar are hard to explore on four-wheeler vehicles as the zone is thickly populated. It caused him to pick up a scooter because it is easily manoeuvrable through the gallis of the over populated areas. He stated, "once the concept of a two-wheeler emergency vehicle struck my mind, I went out towards the Shivajinagar area to explore it deeply."

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Saviour of Senior Citizens.

Dr. Shabbir, on his two-wheeler emergency bike, renders service especially to those senior citizens who are confined to home during the lockdown. He guarantees that he arrives at their door and does a standard test of their well-being. Additionally, he is providing free medications to those patients who can’t  manage the cost because of the budgetary emergency. With the lock-down news, there was a lot of confusion in the general public. People were hesitant to visit the clinical centers, and it hindered the treatments for various ailments that they might be encountering.

Saviour of Senior Citizens

Spreading pandemic awareness and care ……

During home inspections, he likewise spreads attention to the manifestations of Covid-19. Doctor explains the importance of staying home, wearing masks, using sanatisers, washing hands, steam inhalations, increasing immunity, general hygiene, checking temperatures, simple exercises etc.,  His encouraging words brings smiles on everyone – Do not panic – Stay calm - Corona is not a demon but taking adequate precaution is required.

Praises galore

The Rational Indian salutes Dr. Syed Moinuddin Shabbir's determination to be at the forefront of managing patients in the coronavirus epidemic and raising civic consciousness about it.

His family was extremely reluctant in the underlying days whenever he went out to serve. However, presently, they bolster him."I am receiving  numerous calls for wellness checkups from various other sectors as well. I need to go out and spread more territories, if conceivable." concludes Doc..Hats off COVID rescuer!!

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