Engineer invents a cost effective mini tipper for Areca nut farmers in transportation and in turn save time.


Farmers in the countryside are now tuning commercial vehicles, for now, more than 10 years to model a low-cost mini-vehicle that is convenient to drive around within Areca nut farms. Some innovative growers at first tasted some achievement in adjusting a three-wheeler auto-cart to upgrade the creation and efficiency of horticulture.  Unfortunately, the inability of the commercial vehicles to bear weight while travelling uphill and a few mishaps constrained farmers to take a gander at them as a less handy vehicle.

Some achievements have been accomplished by the hunt for a rancher-friendly automobile that has escalated in modern years due to a sudden lack of manpower. A farmer from the town of Paltadi near Savanur in the Dakshina Kannada has designed a Mini tipper that is small enough even to drive within woods throughout the plantations. It is quite helpful in bringing grain or other items from and to the farm and stacking Areca nuts, too. Heavier vehicles find it harder to manage across tiny gaps within plants, trees, or other flora, while this small-sized scooter performs the exact role with no risk.

“Maruti Omni” A successful stroke….

"Maruti Omni is the best vehicle for farmers," a bold claim of few farmers including, T R Sureshchandra from Thottethodi in Kalmadka and Lakshminarayana Bhat from Urwal who have modified the Omni motor to fulfil their needs. Suresh Chandra claims that his modified vehicle can be effortlessly powered around, demanding a street width of only seven to eight feet. Omni has diminished overall labour power needs by 70%. Prior, five to six workers were required longer than an hour to move fifty kilograms of Areca nuts to the storage house. Presently, with the assistance of Omni and a small scale tipper, the work takes a bare minimum of 15 minutes only. The Omni engine, equipped with additional sheets, bears up to ten to twelve quintals of fresh nuts and compost. In contrast to an auto-rickshaw, Omni has a maximum pick-up and can do any tough day jobs.

Mini tipper's catching attention.

Purushottam Brambila, a 23-year-old talented automobile engineer, recently grabbed everybody's eyes via a mini tipper that he successfully designed by altering a Yamaha 130cc motorbike by fixing a few bits of hardware. This mini tipper can bear a load of up to roughly 2 quintals and could be a relief to farmworkers because it can even be powered to farmland where tippers can't enter. The mini tipper is a three-foot wider compartmentalize gearbox and also a back off gear. The gearbox has been fixed to make the tipper drive freely in the desired direction. The gearbox has been fixed to assist the tipper with moving the ideal way unreservedly. This vehicle takes little space and moves effectively between trees that are three to four feet separated.  It occupied Purshottam for nearly four months to modify this machine in his small garage. A large portion of the parts required for the vehicle was sourced from a recycled shop. It goes at a speed of 60 km for each hour (fourth apparatus) and has a mileage of 30 to 35 km for every litre.

Purshottam Mini tipper's catching attention

Yamaha transition cost...

The bike was estimated around Rs 70,000 and Purshottam spent an extra Rs 50,000 to adjust the vehicle.  "Although the clip of my invention made headlines, I've got requests from villagers for a mini tipper," confirms Purshottam, who has a vision of launching his mini tipper production plant.

Purushotham is fortunate to have Bab Shetty and Yamuna as his parents from Brambila in Paltady town. Dharmasthala Dharmadhikari, Dr D Veerendra Heggade himself has valued his innovation. MLA Angara also has lauded him. Purushottam has concocted certain things even before.  He holds a degree in mechanical engineering from KS Gowda ITI, Nintikallu, and is presently working on projects at Ujjre SDM Engineering institute.

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