Bengaluru's Underground waste disposal system - Ask what it is and this Hubli-based man will tell you.

vishwanath patil

When a local resident of Bengaluru said, "You will wake from your dreams because of the smell,” it's no exaggeration. What was once lauded as a Garden City, later started to be called as India's Silicon Valley by housing IT firms and corporate big heads. Today, that City Of Green started to be called as the City of Garbage. Overflowing trash and the unbearable smell that emanates from it have been disrupting the peaceful sleep of the locals for years now. What's the use of high-end infrastructure when the city couldn't get rid of its piling up garbage heaps? What's development without hygiene? What's the use of the rising economy without cleanliness and healthy living? These questions rammed the mind of a social-work enthusiast and he came up with a solution for his city's waste disposal problems. 

An Alternative to Dumping Grounds: 

Waste disposal in Bengaluru, for that matter, anywhere in India is a big weight on the heads of the city municipalities. Dumping grounds located everywhere in the city are nothing more than the breeding hubs for diseases. To curb this problem of garbage overflow and the bad odour, Hubli-based man Vishwanath Patil made an innovative idea. Vishwanath Patil runs a trust called "Swacha, Swasth" and as a part of it, he developed a unique system of waste disposal. He built underground trash bins. To put it clearly, Vishwanath developed an automated vehicle with a dustbin. The underground dustbins occupy very little space as compared to the regular dump yards. Moreover, these underground dustbins can house more waste than regular ones. Vishwanath told NDTV that this automatically operated vehicle with a dustbin is leakproof and also, the garbage is not visible from the outside thus leaves the city look neat and clean. These dustbins are also fitted with special sensors that send alerts to the officials when the bin is 70% full eliminating the problem of garbage overflow. In addition to this, Patil also developed a litter van to dump the waste with least human contact. This vehicle also helps in lifting and emptying the underground dustbins without spilling the waste while disposing of it.

There Shall Be Some Negativity But How Does That Matter? 

Pictures of this unique waste disposal system are being circulated widely over social media for a couple of days now. Vishwanath has been receiving loud applause from the netizens. While a majority of them praised his efforts, a few of them quoted that there were similar concepts that are already in practice in countries like Japan and Turkey. 

Let there be similar concepts in practice already, Vishwanath definitely deserves praise for having done something like this for his city instead of just sitting and waiting for the municipal authorities to act.

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