Bengali Love Café offers free meals, educational kits, and business training for women.

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It is undeniable that women are now taking on prominent positions within the food and beverage sector.  Increasingly, women are taking over fields typically dominated by men, such as business. Today, we're highlighting some influential ladies in the industry. When it comes to fruitful business visionaries, we can't overlook Sakshi Guha. In the year 2020, Sakshi established one of the most well-known food-tech startups - Bengali Love Cafe. After finishing her MA, the daughter of Muzaffarnagar worked for various companies in various industries, including Allianz Partners. The year following her graduation in 2020, she joined Bengali Love Cafe, where her mom is a head cook. She serves so many orders each day through its Gurgaon location through Zomato and Swiggy that these have become her primary sources of business. Bengali Love Cafe serves traditional Bengali cuisine.  Most notably,  all traditional Bengali food is served at Bengali Love Café.

A Slumdog millionaire tale-

Originally from Muzaffarnagar, a humble community, I moved to Gurgaon for work and better freedom. After losing her job in seething Covid-19, Sakshi decided to go into business. During those problematic stretches, even wealthy families had difficulty organizing suppers; cafés had closed their doors, housekeepers had moved to their local spots, and sickness caused weakness. With zero monetary help from an unknown young lady, Sakshi establishes a food-tech startup in the middle of a pandemic. She found an organization that now provides free meals to the less fortunate, supplies instructional units to helpless pupils, and holds tree manor missions for girls.

Tiffin to Zomato journey-

Sakshi Guha withholding her mom's hand Deepa Guha began a tiffin service by handing out flyers around our region to get clients for our business. It was the beginning of a real startup. She did it by borrowing cash from those who could pay and keeping free suppers for those who couldn't. Sakshi's experience scaling a business to the level she did in just a year without seed money or assistance is admirable. She set up the Bengali love bistro establishment to help individuals deprived by furnishing them with free suppers and natural products. Additionally to herself and her mother, she liberated many other women, establishing a standard of humane behavior while helping the poor.

Sakshi Guha became ‘Covid-19 Soldier’ after launching Feed India and a campaign under Bengali Love Cafe Foundation

I manage to offer offered employment to 30 women. Like my mom, these are homemakers without much interest in the business. Nevertheless, if they were given some assistance, they might be able to earn a little extra income Sakshi says.

The average request esteem is ₹250. Furthermore, Shakshi's web-based café offers a wide range of dinners, including Traditional Bengali food indulgences and intriguing food choices different from everyday food items, all of which are delivered to clients' doorsteps directly. MS Sakshi Guha is a female role model in the food industry. Additionally, Bengal Love Café offers catering services. Their catering services are among the best in the industry, and they serve a wide range of clients with trust and pride. The organization is comprehensive and practical from all angles and offers a wide variety of premium catering solutions to fit the needs of any occasion or event. They have an exceptionally talented team of servers, gourmet specialists, and cooks, and they always prepare for any test. Bengali Love Cafe's preeminent nature of providing food is unparalleled in the area, and hence they offer a multi-cooking buffet that includes local flavors.

Bengali Love Cafe serves traditional Bengali cuisine.  Most notably,  all traditional Bengali food is served at Bengali Love Café

A fresh serve-

According to a new update, around 194 million Indians today lack enough food, the highest number on the planet. Based on the Global Hunger Index 2020, India is ranked 94th out of 107 countries in the 'genuine' hunger category. Covid-19 is not included in these measurements. Many Indians are in an outrageous state of poverty and craving due to the movement, joblessness, and loss of family members. To save money, Shakshi developed a new, chemical-free product.

Additionally, all the flavors used in cooking are created by all lady colleagues. In addition to keeping them clean, this also enabled them to stay financially savvy. During the expansion of the business, Shakti discovered her inner peace in serving confined individuals, groups of Covid patients, PG (paying visitor) understudies, youth laborers, corporate employees, and senior citizens. Afterward,  her sincere goals clicked. Sakshi begins creating enough gains to set off a more significant target: a non-hunger future. Shakshi believes that satisfying hunger is not a charitable act. Instead, it is an issue of equity. "We are trying to free ourselves as a local community. Under the Bengali Love Cafe Foundation, we launched Feed India, a one-time meal campaign". Said Sakshi. Up until now, Sakshi and the team have assisted more than 30,000 individuals across India. But this is just the beginning. Through web-based media channels, individuals are joining Sakshi's mission and advancing something very similar.

Sakshi's desire was floating around to make a move against hunger by fueling the soul of satisfaction through giving while at the same time diminishing the wastage of food. As we know, in the food tech business, more significant portions of food get wasted day by day, either by strolling clients or by staff; however, Sakshi figured out how to limit it to zero wastage.

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