ATM Idli Machine is a delicious invention by this young couple - Ayyappa Nagubandi and Dr. Mahalakshmi.

ayyappa nagubandi and mahalakshmi

A Long Way To Go

90% of the present-day problems are due to the clash between nature and technology. What if these two go hand in hand? What if technology leads to the development of mankind while agreeing to the principles of nature? Surely, the world will become a better place to live. Here is the story of an exemplary couple – Mr &Mrs. Nagubandi. Dr. Mahalakshmi is a Naturopathy doctor and he is an entrepreneur. They became ONE through wedlock and the magic unveiled.

The Duo’s Brainchild

This enterprising couple laid the foundation to a software company called Possibillion in 2011. While Ayyappa looked into the technological aspects, Mahalakshmi dealt with the production and management.

Possibillion is a firm that aims to make everyday life easier, faster and less tedious for all who seem to be so very busy. Possibillion continues to roll out new inventions and the current focus is on hygienically preparing food via vending machines.

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Few of their inventions

- T-shirts don’t lie

Moody T-shirts... The idea triggered coz of men’s limited choice to showcase fashion. With Broadcast Wear, your T-shirt will reflect what is on your mind – good, bad or ugly.  It allows you to programme a display embedded in a regular cotton T-shirt using your smartphone. It's like you smile or laugh at something or someone and this reflects via an APP. This led to designing Sygnal -a fitness T-shirt – where the wearer can track all fitness parameters and can conveniently get rid of other devices like smart bands, watches...

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- Pani-Puri Vending Machine

No more fear of contaminated water, waiting in long queues - this new invention does everything automatically including making fresh crispy puris, stuffing of peas, potatos, onions, veggies and masala water, using branded fresh dough. Fresh veggies are regularly replaced.  One can without fear enjoy spicy, sweet or mixed flavours.

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- ATM – Idli vending Machine

Who doesn't love that soft, pillowy steamed rice idlis that's gluten free and healthy and served with peanut chutney and sambar? Keeping hygiene in mind this world’s first automated idli machine was invented to get you the hotel type hot and fresh idlis. These machines are working well in Hyderabad and soon to make its way to other cities.  One can’t wait for the wonderful ATM Idly machine to hit our cities.

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Cheers to the Iconic Duo.

When great minds meet, innovations take life. This has come to be true in the case of Mr. & Mrs. Ayyappa Nagaband and Mahalakshmii. Just a mere thought is not enough. It requires passion, perseverance, determination and a lot of strength to give the thought its desired shape.

India a developing country has more rooms for inventions and each day we hear of something newer to make one’s life simpler.

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