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The growing concerns in every city are giving tough time to the residents. The most important of them is access to clean drinking water. The majority of us who live in cities definitely face the concern of lack of access to clean drinking water. On this note, Bengaluru based woman has thought of a solution to bridge the gap between water vendors and consumers. She created an application to fulfil the water requirements of people. She is Puja Tiwari and this is her entrepreneurial journey. 

The Problem That Triggered A Business Idea: 

Puja who hails from Bengaluru says that she has faced a lot of problem with respect to accessing clean drinking water. She said that the issues she faced with finding vendors in her area who supply drinking water were innumerable. She searched for booking water tankers but there was not much information available about the vendors online. She looked for water suppliers in Google, the only way to access information, but in vain. It is then that she realised the gap in the water supply industry. Consumers are unable to track and identify the water suppliers in their area and to look for one, one has to start journeying on roads. That's how the thought of starting a service that fills this gap came to Puja's mind. 

The Hyper-local Application: 

In July 2020, Puja launched a bootstrapped startup with an initial investment of Rs.10 lakh with a vision to provide a solution to the water requirements of people, Puja Tiwari started a hyper-local application called Neerwalla

Puja Tiwari started a hyper-local application called Neerwalla which shows the way for consumers who are in need of water services

Neerwalla shows the way for consumers who are in need of water services. Neerwalla provides services such as supplying clean and hygienic drinking water, water wheel service, listing services for water-related requirements. Neerwalla operates in Bengaluru currently and allows the users to order packaged water to their locations. The app also provides real-time order updates, cashback offers, and different payment modes. This Bengaluru-based start-up connects water vendors and users through its online platform. Customers can order water bottles, cans, and tankers using this mobile application. This hyper-local water solution works with live location wherein the users can also track their delivery. Bridging the gap between vendor and consumer, Puja is building her app to develop it as a one-stop solution for people's water requirements. Users can connect with the listed vendors - anyone, anytime for their water requirements. Thus, this app eliminates the need for users to depend on one water vendor.


Puja Tiwari started a hyper-local application called Neerwalla

Puja says that the startup takes only those vendors on board who provide only ISI-certified water to ensure its hygiene and safety. The app serves commercial and residential buildings primarily along with covering the events that happen across the city. Within just a year of its inception, Puja says that they are almost reaching their break-even point. The team of Neerwalla currently employs seven permanent and two freelancing members, while the ground staff meets the vendors and does quality checks. Once the vendors qualify for the quality checks, they are taken on board. “On average, we are recording 3,000 to 4,000 deliveries per month and have around 500 vendors listed with us,” Puja says. 

we are recording 3,000 to 4,000 deliveries per month and have around 500 vendors listed with us

In The Days To Come: 

Puja says that their venture is looking for seed funding opportunities to scale up the business. Their target is to increase their partner vendors by 10 times and the delivery count by 15 times by the end of 2021 FY. Puja says that Neerwalla is looking forward to expanding its business to other cities like Chennai and Hyderabad by 2022 and Delhi-NCR by 2023. 

May she make drinking water accessible to everyone and solve the pressing problem of water requirements.

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