Learn to deal with Bullying, Peer Pressure, Teasing and much more from this 10 year old’s stories.

anantinee mishra

Humble Beginning

It's always the environment created by the parents and the family that brings out the best in a child. It was Anantinee’s father who cooked up short stories to provide some entertainment and put his baby to sleep. Tell tales is the perfect way to instil values and morals in a child.  Each grown-up will reminiscence how small incidents or narratives told years and years ago is what has etched so strongly forever. Her mom and grandparents also played their role.

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Enjoying the stories

As Anantinee was hungry for more, the elders realized how she thoroughly enjoyed and introduced her to the world of books by reading out loud. When she was old enough to read she would be glued to the children’s magazines and books and these would take her into a different virtual imaginary fantasy world. This amazing habit helped and motivated her with her studies as well.

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At 7 she marveled at the way children published fascinating narratives and that’s when she too showed keen signs of wanting to be a storyteller and a story writer. She casually popped up the question to her Mom... asking if it was too early to start and was it all that difficult to publish a book etc., Her Mama wasted no time and helped her to publish her first story in one of her favourite children's magazines. The true motivation of publishing came from this publication at the tender age of eight years. After that, she has been regularly contributing to children’s magazines.

Anantinee’s understanding of literature vastly improved and she drew inspiration from J.K. Rowling and William Shakespeare. Even before one could say, Jack Robinson, she had rough manuscripts of her first book at a tender age of 8.

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Topic for the “Book”

A keen observer of the world of children around her made her inquisitive and started questioning. Why certain issues happen and have been happening since time immemorial? Why do kids make fun of others? What thrill do they get out of bullying? How do kids deal with identity issues? What makes some kids bold and courageous and some shy and timid? Why can’t one stand up for oneself and their loved ones? How does one deal with peer pressure? Her teachers and family helped her understand but how does one convey this to the tech-savvy kids of today.  WHY not convey through short stories is when she decided the topic and “Treasure of Short Stories” was conceptualized.

Promises a change.

Every child who reads this Book available on Amazon is bound to help them understand various aspects of life and probably equip them to at least be weary of the surroundings and handle themselves. These issues by no stretch of imagination are small or trivial and must be taken serious notice of by the children and parents. Timely help can save children from, especially psychological issues.

Favourite things.

English Literature is her all-time favorite and has now beginning to learn and enjoy Sanskrit as well. She is always found with a book /Kindle in her hand. A bit of interest in cooking although not allowed to cook because she being a child. She loves spending time with parents, grandparents and friends.

At ten she has set her dreams and goals to be an IAS Officer and a renowned novelist. She truly believes in Live and Love whatever you do.

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