Preserving today's childhood to build an abuse-free nation for tomorrow.

srikruthi gentela

The most significant of all life's seasons is Childhood and if we celebrate it, we celebrate the future."

Undoubtedly, children are the most innocent, easily vulnerable yet strong-minded individuals. They are far much advanced than a grown adult in comprehending any situation. If a child is supported with a vibrant ambience, nutritious diet, supporting resources, and all love, she turns into tomorrow's impeccable asset. Having realised this right in early years of her upbringing, a 25 year-old has set on a mission to refurbish the lives of the disadvantaged. Srikruthi Gentela, a former Software Engineer, made her way towards embracing a social cause. Let's take a look into her journey.

A Trained Educationist Inclined Towards Children's Concerns:

Srikruthi, an Engineering graduate has pursued her Bachelor's in Technology. She worked as a Senior Systems Engineer at Cognizant Technology Solutions for a period of 2 years and due to her inclination towards social work, she started extending her services and got into working against child exploitation.

Kindled Not By Inspiration But By An Innate Desire:

When we've asked Kruthi about what has driven her towards investing all her lively teenage and youthful years to walk on such a not-so grassy path, she said it was in her right from very early ages of her life to uplift the disadvantaged children. Her eyes always fell on those tender lives that dwelled under the bridges, in the factories and in the cruel paws of masters. She decided to become self-reliant and start working for them, to give them their lost smiles back. Thus, after her education, though she embarked on her job for a brief period, she came back to her roots and founded Suvidha Rescue Team".

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What Does SUVIDHA Do?

Here are a few activities that team Suvidha does as a part of their mission.

* Rescuing children from trafficking, child marriages, abusive relationships, sexual assault, and other exploitations.

* Spreading awareness on good touch and bad touch among children of slums.

* Freeing children from the clutches of child labour.

* Showing a way to the abandoned street children by providing them shelter and educational opportunities.

*Organising medical camps in the orphanages and shelter homes.

*Spending time with children of slums and conducting various activities to show them their own spark. Working with the children in slums and in various places, and ensure that every child is in a safe shelter and is pursuing education.

* Art and Meditation sessions for children and helping them with academics through tuition centers.

*Monitoring children's safety in slums by arranging helpdesks.

*Programs to sensitize youth, about the child abuse and to secure child rights

• "Building a nest" - an initative to help tribal people build a school with the available local material and to initiate art integrated learnings.

A Thorny Path :

If you would like to bring a change, your path is not going to be so easy. Thorns prick you at every milestone and try to take you back. The same has happened to Kruthi. Things were never easy. When SUVIDHA legally rescued children from whom their parents have sold them, their relatives/family members never agreed and fought with the Suvidha team for getting their children back. The team was also bothered by officials at times. They were forcibly kicked out of the slums when they were trying to address children's issues. One lady has even threatened a black magic on Kruthi. But the team has never looked back.

In The Days To Come...

Consistency is most important when it comes to taking any responsibility further. Not just consistency, Kruthi and her team know that laddering up the sphere will enhance more lives and adds more feathers to one's cap. Suvidha's plan is to integrate art, fun, and spirituality into school education. Education paves way for a better future. If productive seeds are sown, they yield productive results. The best way to achieve this is to revamp education and make it more interesting, effective, real-time based, and innovative. Thus Suvidha is laying its efforts to connect with different government schools to impart desirable changes in curriculum. The team is looking for volunteers to join them to take their mission forward. Any interested individual can approach the team through their social media website.

Our team is mesmerized by the work being done by this vibrant woman. Let's join hands to support her and may this team touch more Lives in the years to come.

bio image Any interested individual can approach the team through their social media website

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