At 83 this artist raised funds that arranged a roof for a poor 14yo and her family.

p.s. padmini

“A Devotion and creativity of mind always ready to play with art”

Generosity always streams from the heart and displays hardship at once. We came across such kindness after getting close to the story of P.S. Padmini who at age 82 had charmed herself to the guests with the energy of a child while she discussed her works of art and paintings. Presently, A year later, established P.S. Padmini, with the assistance of her children is having a virtual exhibition of 165 of her artworks. Not only to present the nation but to raise funds to provide a shelter for a poverty-stricken child in Thiruvananthapuram.

"She conducts the art shows with a purpose"

P.S. Padmini, aged 83, resides in Thiruvananthapuram, holds an event to collect money to arrange a roof to live for a financially poor girl of age 14. The visual arts creations by an old former teacher P S Padmini will be recognizable to regular tourists to the city's cultural activities.The artwork and sketches on stage at the PS Padmini art Gallery prove that aging is never an artist's limit. Padmini, a former teacher, as well as a resident of Kottayam, inspires the audiences at the art center when eclectic works highlight her creative talent. Sculpture, Madhubani, acrylic, aquarelle drawings, and blended works of all" fusion art" are beautifully displayed at the halls of the auditorium.

P.S Padmini holds an event to collect money to arrange a roof to live for a financially poor girl of age 14

Kindness flows through their blood, from mother to son…….

Padmini is very lucky to have such a kind child. Her son, Prakash, and daughter Deepa Gopinath, always standing next to her and supporting her to fulfill her dream. Initiating the craftsmanship show was by Mayor Adv V K Prasanth who passed on that this lady with a creative mind will become a model of inspiration for our next generation.

Her son, Prakash P Gopinath, also  Cycle Mayor, said"Vattiyoorkavu MLA along with the previous Mayor VK Prasanth asked if we knew any NGO that could raise funds to build a home for a young girl, whose mud-house escaped in the downpour a couple of years back. The young lady, a Class 9 under study, along with her entire family, lives in a little shed now and during nighttime, they rest in an aunt’s place." Once the MLA shared with us her experience, we agreed to stage an auction of mother's work of Art to collect profit by offering it."

She realizes“Age does not matter”

Padmini, a former organizer, at UNICEF, State Institute of Education, in 1996 mentioned that "I spent my childhood watching and learning art work tricks from my dad who was "a specialist stone carver". She regularly practices art strokes with “brush on paper”. Age is never a bar for Padmini. The artworks and specialty take a shot at the art Auditorium by 83-year-old craftsman PS Padmini uncovers that age isn't an obstruction for a craftsman. Padmini, continuously astonishing the spectators by her brilliant art stroke at the craftsmanship exhibition as the differing works grandstand her creative splendor.

Age is never a bar for Padmini she regularly practices art strokes with brush on paper

Her art enthusiasm in the 60s……..

An enthusiastic knitter, Padmini said,” she always fascinated in needlework right from a young age, and her crafts on the exhibition show exquisite miniature lace activities including mini woolen toys, trinkets apart from fluffy toys, elaborate candles, paper sacks, button work, pot painting, dot work thus on. She has been an understudy of craftsman George Fernandez for a long time at this point, starting her specialty classes in her 60s. Padmini had been a school headmistress before that, and afterward an organizer for the state unit of the United Nations International Children's Fund (UNICEF).

On her impressive masterstrokes…..

PS Padmini, who started picking up painting in her 60s, is presently showing the work she has finished with disposal of waste, for example, broken glass, papers, garments, and the sky is the limit from there. Wall painting, Madhubani, glass, watercolor compositions, and works from blended mediums are surrounded pleasantly on the dividers of the theatre. She has mind-blowingly expressed her talent in her painting with a lot more than transporting the watchers to an artistry house climate.

She started a virtual exhibition ‘Breaking impossibilities’ …..

Padmini, who had been unwell for a while, was happy to contribute her works for the cause. She likes every kind of painting like watercolor, fabric colors, oil pastels, and many more.some of her work are even on canvas or paper, on glass, and even on sarries. Some would be with thread. I like drawing pictures of children and flowers, birds and scenery and murals too,” Padmini said.

Her painting depicts several tales when her show promotes the life of a 14-year-old poor girl and her family. She is a creator who is dedicated to exploring different ways of painting even now, and passion is at the bottom of her heart.

P.S Padmini  started a virtual exhibition Breaking impossibilities

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Currently, she's immersed in "fusion crafts" with the same passion for supporting the needy……

She is striking in some "combination works"….Her skill is generally striking in a portion of the "combination works" that naturally amalgamates painting and art. For example, a surrounded piece portraying a butterfly is complicatedly made out of broken glass pieces, the shards mirroring, and the example of wings in a colorful palette.

P.S Padmini set up 165 of her works of art in an online show and plans to utilize more funds to fabricate a home for an oppressed girl in Thiruvananthapuram. Her Art communicates in the language of care and liberality in her story.  She backed off from her heart after knowing the pathetic condition of a young child she told us that," with no real house and roof, only a blanket to shelter, not appropriate for life. Upon realizing the pitiful state, she wishes to protect her from building a house somehow. Initially, her earning was only 500 rupees per painting, so she began selling more artworks in art galleries and raising the money and arranged shelter for a low-income family.

She said, "We will give as much as possible to accomplish something for that less fortunate". She gradually decided to market further pieces of art online. Hats off old lady!!

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