A school drop-out's innovation became the need of the hour amid Covid-19 pandemic.

partha saha

Covid19's simple innovation...

The Coronavirus pandemic has touched every nook and corner of the world creating a sense of fear and uncertainty for the future. To stop the spread of the virus, the governments have given many directives to people. Measures are being taken to ensure appropriate social distancing as this virus spreads rapidly through personal contact. People are following the guidelines put forth by the WHO and the respective governments and are taking ample precautions. Under such conditions, here is the story of a man who contributed his part to the nation's safety. Let's see how Partha Saha, a man from Agartala, turned instrumental in this global battle against Covid-19.

A Common Man With A Uncommon Idea:

Partha Saha is a 39-Year-old man from Agartala, Tripura. He has an eight-year-old daughter. Under the Covid-19 situations, everything is locked down along with his daughter's school. The roads are deserted and the air is echoing silence. Schools are shut, officers started working from homes. It is hard to estimate when these situations would turn normal. Even after the lockdown is lifted, it is very crucial to take certain precautionary steps and the first one in the list would be "social distancing". Having understood this fact, Partha Saha has decided not to send his daughter to school by bus but pick and drop her by himself. Still, for him to take her on a bike, he should no doubt ensure appropriate distancing for safety. The current bikes wouldn't provide sufficient distancing between the rider and the pillion rider. So he thought of an idea.

From A Tv Mechanic To An Automobile Engineer:

Partha Saha who is basically a TV mechanic has bought an old bike from a scrap dealer. He then removed the engine and cut the machine's body into two. He then fixed a rod of more than one-meter length connecting the wheels. This is done to ensure the one-meter distancing rule between the rider and the passenger. He used up his meagre savings to design this vehicle.  This bike runs on a battery which can be fully charged within 3 hours. The cost of charging sums up just to Rs.10. The bike runs at a speed of 40km/hr.

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The Trial Run :

Partha Saha has demonstrated his invention on the streets. Looking at the design, the observers remained jaw-dropped. This invention has also received praise from the Chief Minister of Tripura, Bilap Kumar Deb. He congratulated Partha for creating awareness through his unique motorcycle during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Kudos To The Consciousness:

Again, it's time to applaud sensible people like Partha, who are not just thinking about their own safety but are working towards a social cause keeping in view the lives of everyone around them. Let's wish Partha Saha great success in the days to come and may his invention fuel a sustainable future. Hopefully, someone somewhere extends the desired support to this ordinary man's extraordinary skills.

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