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Despite its ancient heritage, agriculture's importance has grown with the risk of overhanging food insecurity. It has been giving ranchers sleepless nights for many years because of the harsh terrain and Soil in Narayankhed, Hyderabad. As for planting, weeding, and reaping, work in Narayankhed is more expensive than in places that have fertile soils. Therefore, much of the land is in rough shape. But a potential solution has been created by a mechanical designer from the Ryot family. After finishing his degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2016, K Deepak Reddy, a local from Borancha town in Manoor Mandal, was not keen on finding a new career after packing his college bags. Huge farmland lying vacant in Deepak's town lay empty. Following successive visits to the places, he realized there hadn't been any harvests for some time. Deepak explains that he asked ranchers nearby for the root cause of so many sections of land remaining uncultivated for so long. They informed him that there were many stone flotsam and jetsam in the area, making any cultivating movement impossible.

Ultimately, three years of extensive research led him to plan his answer as a " multi-task harvester," which, he assures, can both remove big pieces of soil stones and harvest underground crops.

Hurdles-prone path!

To design the last model, which took Deepak four years, was no easy task. There were no companions or team members to bounce ideas off of. Deepak handled every challenge on his own while working alone. Deepak borrowed Rs 4.5 lakh from his family. So, he was sure that if the invention fared successfully, it would handle the monetary issue independently. When creating the system, Deepak says that he had no fear of losing, even though securing a job after graduation is crucial, and getting a good start is essential. In contrast, Deepak did not consider quitting; instead, he intended to build a machine to make money. He wanted to assist his farmer friends. Finally, on success over invention, Deepak hopes that his product will be harvesting brand soon and would be used commercially in the fields across India.

Good-bye to rough Soil-

The tractor-mounted machine smooths the ground with its edge, collects the material on a conveyor belt that spins in the middle, dumps the Soil onto the floor, and transports the separated rocks. Following the removal of dirt,  it will leave the stones back to the boundaries. We created a tractor-powered multipurpose harvester. Digging the stones will be done with a digging blade. A conveyor belt returns the Soil to the ground. In Deepak's words, "the stones and gravel are stored in pails."

The tractor mounted machine smooths the ground with its edge collects the material on a conveyor belt that spins in the middle dumps the Soil onto the floor and transports

A versatile harvester & Bhaumya bonanza-

His upcoming desire begins to shape a second plan to utilize the same technique to harvest potatoes, onions, ginger, and so forth from the underground with a few significant tweaks to the machine. As Deepak clarified, "The underground crops cover a 4 - 5 inch depth. The razor blade may penetrate far more profound and get them without affecting the yield. In upcoming years, Deepak intends to give this a go. It will allow farmers to cultivate cotton & onions crops over five sections of land. 

Deepak soon discovered there were many other farmers in India dealing with underground harvesting issues like Deepak. After spending around four months cultivating land, when harvest time comes, and there aren't enough workers or components to make a harvest, it fails. According to Deepak, this versatile harvester can cut harvesting costs by approximately 60 percent by employing tractors that use power take-off technology.

As a result of his participation in the Telangana State Innovation Cell's 'i2e lab' in the past half-year, he has been able to turn his idea into an actual product through systems administration, business development, and prototyping. His start-up, Bhoumya Innovation, has been selected for an ICAR-NAARM award of Rs 10 lakh). In contrast, discussed multi-harvesting machines by saying that a local farmer recently purchased a stone-eliminating machine made in Turkey and paid Rs 12 lakh. In comparison, Deepak's multipurpose harvesting machine costs only Rs 2.5 lakh. Hebbar, who organizes Make Room India and is Deepak's coach, says, "The program aims to identify business visionaries like Deepak, especially those in urban areas between levels II and III that can address problems at the grassroots level."

Future targets-

Deepak, at present, aiming to lease out the harvester to farmworkers in Narayankhed, where he estimates 10,000 acres still left uncultivated. Deepak discloses, "We will soon turn our plan of action around the harvesting business. To clear one section of land, we would have to work for at least 20 hours. It will take ten people two days to complete the work, and four people five days. Working conditions are poor, so finding a job is difficult. For each section of land, the cost of the work is Rs 9000 for 20 day-hours. Deepak estimates that the mechanical reaper will slash costs by 50 percent, including the lease of the farm vehicle, diesel, and drivers.

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